Chuma: What’s in a Wish list?

I went back to my post in this series last year at the end of the year and I performed badly at everything I was hopeful for: I’m still a competent procrastinator, haven’t filed a patent, did not travel to any new countries and my relationship came to an end. But I still had a very good year, and I improved in areas that I did not envisage at the beginning of it.

The very idea that we know how we would like our lives to proceed in the next 365 days is quite audacious, but necessary. In my personal experience writing down hopes and goals help, and I know that I will eventually get around to doing all of those things, it may not just happen in that timeframe.

I think a big lesson for me here is understanding that my frame of mind as I write this sentence will change and that that’s a good thing. In growing older, we tend to fall into routine or develop plans to fun things we love. One of the two most important things I learnt last year is that spontaneity is a gift and those moments when you feel driven to do something different should be harnessed (sensibly).

I would like to be a little more spontaneous this year, and do more ‘fun’ stuff:

Photography: I worked on my hobby photography a bit last year and took refuge in VSCO, in fact at the end of the year I sent postcards to some of my Instagram followers. I would like to work on two concept projects and design a (spread) photobook.

Design: There are too many design ideas sketched on my wall that deserve to see the light of day. With a little bit of extra money, thanks to having a job, I would like see four projects through to different degrees of completion. I would like to try a Kickstarter campaign this year.

Writing: Medium has been a good testing ground for my writing on hardware design and manufacturing. I would like to write a bit more and submit to online publications, particularly as I am reading a little bit more innovation management literature these days.

Community: Somehow, my friends and I managed to organize four events last year and I started a monthly newsletter, all with Hardware Lagos. It’s time to open the planning and organizing to more people who have more experience particularly with PR and focus on generating focused content. We would like to have a tour of Shenzhen, which alone would make my year.

Travel: Only place I want to go is Nigeria, it’s been nearly two years and I just need to sleep in my bed for a couple of days.

There’s an opportunity to surprise myself this year: I have not been in employment at any time for more than a nine month period and I’ve been at my job for four and a half months now. It gets particularly confusing as traditional mechanical engineering (which is my background) no longer interests me and my current role has no relation with engineering whatsoever. It’s this healthy dose of uncertainty that makes life interesting.

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