More Growth – Stanley


“We used to fight for building blocks. Now we fight for blocks with buildings.”
– Jay Z, D’evils, Reasonable Doubt, 1996

The greatest thing entrepreneurship has done to me is give me skills I can use to earn income outside a 9 to 5. It didn’t all happen at once; it’s been a gradual process of learning – acquire the skill, practice, acquire a new one – and they have all been business (management) related.

As the years go by, I’m more and more grateful to God for putting me in this position.

I don’t think I have ever had so many opportunities available to me in one year (than what 2018 provides) – opportunities to do great things and truly live.

But with the opportunities come expectations to achieve them, and the pressure that brings.

I did poorly in my finances in 2017, and I’ve started making better financial decisions this year. I want to do better than I’ve ever done.

It’s all about finally scaling that CIM hurdle, career-wise. It will require a good plan, time, and discipline.

2017 was weird in some ways. I fell ill towards the end of the year – I was diagnosed with respiratory infection in November, and I was ill for over 3 weeks. Then I started the new year plagued with an illness that hasn’t completely gone.

I’m really praying for good health in 2018; not just for myself, but everyone around me and everyone I know. Those weeks in November made me appreciate what being 100% healthy means. Your body can literally just shut down on you.

Achieving my goal of having an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit hasn’t gotten off to a good start. I keep telling myself that it’s just 16th January, but like a football match, having a fast start helps.

This year, I want to go farther than I’ve ever gone. I want to start fulfilling the enormous potential I know I have. It’s all about experiencing more growth.

I wish you the same.

Stanley Oyovota is a salesman, marketer, entrepreneur and management consultant.

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