Breaking Walls – Yinka

Just another day in the office. I just got a deposit from a customer. Before that I was in and out of my cubicle going to my laptop. I was checking my Portfolio, which only has 5 shares and I noticed the total balance wasn’t what it shouldn’t be, all because of my stupid withdrawals. Stock trading is all about accepting the small gains on a deal-by-deal basis until it all adds up but patience has never been my strong suite. I always took out cash whenever I sold shares. I knew I shouldn’t be doing it, but… but… *sigh*

My indiscipline will kill me.

*gulps down Black Tea*

Other than that, 2017 was a blast! I met so many new people, did so many new things, got out of my own solitary self a lot more and my job was … nice, fun at times but most importantly it was paying for stuff I kinda always wanted but was too broke to buy. The year was fun to the very end and I definitely left with a bunch of good memories. It was fulfilling.

What am I doing in 2018?

First my finances need to recover from the December massacre, get obese and build up for the future. I ate, drank, played, and ran around too much for my bank account to handle. I really want to stick to my savings plan this year and probably increase it when I can (unlikely but I’ll try) but I need to make more money through the NSE (Nigerian Stock Exchange) this year. I’ve done it before so I’m confident I can achieve it but this year I want to keep the focus level up so that I see the opportunities immediately they arise & can let go of stocks at the right time before I lose profit on them. As a stock market investor the worst thing you can do to yourself is to get caught off guard consistently. I have to constantly monitor the market and ensure I’m aware of events that can effect the prices negatively, but hopefully positively for the stocks I posses. I’m also going to ensure that all the stocks I have have medium to long-term growth potential so I can see the numbers of my shares in green not just days after I buy them but for weeks to come. With the stock market, if you’re just hearing about a particular stock of a company when it’s trending upward, it’s most likely going to be too late to buy it at that time you’re just finding out about it.  I don’t wanna be late to buy or sell anything.

I would really like to exercise more. I got some dumbbells I was working with in the morning before I go to work but I never followed my schedule consistently. It didn’t help that the first time I did it, my arms hurt so bad I couldn’t bend my elbows comfortably without aching and pain. Preferably I would like to get a basketball court close by but transport issues are a hindrance. I hope I can find one and play often.

I’d like to eat differently, too. I want to expand the variety. Rice everyday is something I don’t want to do anymore. I’d like more sandwiches (with both fresh and toasted bread), potatoes, stir-fries, Oats, different types of pastas and a lot more stuff. I also have a few recipes I want to establish, too. Personally I’d rather come up with food ideas through experience and questioning common rules about what complements each other. I rather create a unique way off the top of my head than researching it on google. I would like to cook with ingredients that won’t normally be combined on a particular meal. It feels more organic and self-taught for me that way. Hopefully I develop my interest in this.



So after years of teasing it in my head to myself I finally grew the balls to do it. After years of silent songwriting, random drumming on any possible surface, and singing hooks in public no one has heard before, I finally decided I want to spend my life creating music. I told myself I could do it, hit up a friend from secondary school who’s a producer, got a beat and spazzed on it. The result of that was Rebel. However, I finished making that song almost 5/6 months before I finally dropped it on Independence Day 2017, fighting the nerves, imagining the reactions and accepting whatever consequences were going to come. Upon getting over all of that, I dropped the song. So I’m a banker by day, rapper every other time. Not the easiest balance to strike, but I will do what I want to do regardless.

I hope people listen to my music but at the same time I have a lot of work to do. I performed 3 times last year and while they weren’t bad I realized I wasn’t always connecting with the audience so I need to step up. My initial trick was to lie to myself I wasn’t nervous… until I got on stage and it felt like my feet were soaked in a bucket of ice. Probably because I hadn’t performed since my AUN days but this is something I want to work on. I also need to speed up my songwriting process so I can release songs quicker. I know I’m not gonna be some overnight success so I’m taking baby steps, not rushing anything and trusting my ability to execute and murder any beat and in due time I hope to get the recognition I believe my work will deserve.

With that said, here is my first song of 2018. It’s called Break The Walls and it’s about my motivations and why I decided to rap. I hope you resonate with me and see that my love and passion for music runs very deep.


Overall, discipline is the major key for me in 2018 – making sure I always put myself in the best position to take advantage of anything that makes me a better and more successful person without taking shortcuts or losing motivation or getting lazy.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

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  1. zifahblogs says:

    Hi Yinka. I like that your post is so specific and detailed. Do you have a personal blog? I’d like to follow.

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