Tomboxe: Check Your Energy

In years past, I’ve written this differently. I’ve spoken of things I’d like to achieve, things I’ve dreamt up in the fervent fever that creatives (rolls eyes at that most buzzy of buzzwords) tend to be possessed by in our good moments.
Last year I met around about zero of my creative targets, and I apologise. You’re meant to create and spread. Creativity is a gift, a seed. And to be fruitful, to multiply, to use those gifts to bring a little joy or thoughtfulness to the world – that is the task a creative person is set by the universe.
This year is a little different. I know what I’d like to achieve, and I’ve already started setting things in motion. I will not be making sweeping statements or asking the readers of this inspiring blog to hold me accountable. I will just move, with determination and intention, towards my targets.
There are two things I will say though. This year is a year of being intentional in as many ways as I can. I’d like to own my decisions – to be able to say “I did it with my chest,” to hold my hands up when things don’t work out. It’s not something that’s a hundred percent feasible, but we work towards the goal.
In 2018, as part of my intentionality, I’m going to be working on consistency. It’s become popular to tell people on social media to ‘keep that same energy’ when they speak on certain things. Well maintaining consistent energy requires checking your energy at regular intervals and checking yourself when you find you’re slipping. And this isn’t just a social justice thing. In friendships, at work, in career moves, and in other things, I want my energy to be consistently positive and on the side of the angels. For someone who suffers from quite bad mood swings, consistent positivity will be a monumental challenge – but we move.
And that brings me to the final, and most important word for 2018. We move. See I plan to make moves, as we all do and hope that our moves bring us great success. But I don’t just want to move. I want to move in love. I want my thoughts and actions to be guided by love. It may sound soft and counter-intuitive when you consider the cutthroat nature of society today, and it might seem impossible in a world where insularity and divisiveness often speak louder than peace and unity, but being unpopular isn’t the same as being wrong, so we move.
In 2018, we move in love.

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