Yve’s Purple Reign

I considered writing this early. I mean, I’m a forgetful person so it made sense to do it when I remembered! But then my affliction (aka overthinking) kicked in.

“What if you do it too early and something interesting happens? “You know how much you hate editing your own stuff” (love doing it for others). “What will happen if there is a BIG event?

I decided not to…and what do you know, life got in the way.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. 2017 was…interesting. You remember that Partner In Crime & Pleasure from last year? That came to a not so pleasurable end… le sigh. In my most gracious way, I thank him for the fun, for getting the creative juices flowing & life lesson I could have done without (nah he’s cool-ish. I’m one of those ‘friendly’ with the ex-type people). So 2017 wasn’t the best (not quite the ‘transcendent’ I hoped for), but the whole year got me learning a little bit more about myself and it wasn’t unpleasant.

As usual 2018, my hope for better and it’s looking up already (I mean, Black Panther anyone??)!

One of the things I’m absolutely determined to do is get my work/life balance better. It was appalling last year, spent way too much time in the office so I need to work better and smarter (plus the regular 9-5 or 10-6 in my case, can dry up the creative mind a little.

The deadline for the self-publishing is fast approaching and I am not ready but I am determined to be (Lawd help me!!). The plan is to do more things creative, just last week, I was asked to write a sex scene for someone’s book (oh yeah, I’m an erotica writer in case that’s never come up), which has me psyched! I’m also trying to submit a little screenplay for someone’s project later this year (they haven’t officially asked me to do it but I’m putting it out there), which is scary as f… hell!

I also do some work with some great people in a Women’s group I created, and determined to do a lot more with them. We already have a getaway trip planned, and I am hoping to do a lot more of that.

I want… no, need to travel more. I have not done anything decent in this area for years and I have all these plans in my head.  If only my holiday allowance (and bank balance) could keep up with my mind; as I type, new plan is to change this. The dreams of far out, exotic destinations will come true!

I have always prided myself as being able to roll with the punches and adjust in whatever situation I find myself in.  While that is a good skill, I’m also learning that it sometimes means that one gets comfortable in the situation due to this ‘adjustment’ and that can delay change. So in 2018, I will not just adjust, I will change and I will conquer…comfort zone be damned!! It will be a helluva ride, I do hope you join me 😊 The little ones in my life think I look like a superhero (these days my hair is purple, hence Purple Reign…see what I did there heh heh?), and I intend to prove that I am, dagnamit (at least in their eyes!)!


As usual, I wish you peace, love and vodka (I want to add a little something else but lemme keep it PG so I get to do this again next year 😉). Happy New Year folks!

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