Tamara’s Uncharted Territories

So, 2017 was like a build up for me, a build up into an amazing 2018.

I finally lost weight!!!!*yay* (dancing all the Nigerian steps, hahahaha)
It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. A lot of people are now coming to me for weight loss advice. I can now see how it feels to have a flat tummy. I’m almost a size 10!!!! I need to do special thanksgiving set. In your face, fat.

I wrote the residency and passed.

I got engaged and did the family introduction. I still can’t believe I’m getting married in 3 weeks.

A whole lot of awesome stuff happened in 2017 to be honest and I’m grateful. So so grateful.

I also questioned a lot of the decisions I made in 2017. An average Nigerian medical graduate wants to leave Nigeria at all cost, yet here I was writing exams to continue the Nigerian hustle, planning to get married and settle in Nigeria.

Was I making the right decision? Shouldn’t I join my colleagues and start writing international exams? Should I be getting married? Is staying in Nigeria worth it?
All these questions and many more kept me awake and worried in 2017. But I kept /keep telling myself “I will flourish in this land”.

2018 My year of exploring uncharted territories.

That is what I’m calling 2018

First territory

Being someone’s wife is a scary ish to me to be honest but I’m going to trust God.
Na Jesus fit do am for this marriage thing o. I mean the ceremony is like 3 weeks away!!!!! Much more than the excitement is the nervousness and 1001 questions keep popping up in my head.
Jesus you have to take control.

Second territory

I need to go a country that is not Ghana this year oh Lord!!!
Let this dream of spending a week at least in the abroad that is not Ghana come to pass this year!!!
Let my international passport go international. Can I hear a loud Amen?

Third territory

I’m going to finish service this year and hopefully become employed and prayerfully start residency. I will be so happy to start residency this year.

I’m trusting in many other things but these 3 things are key this year.

Soon to be Dr. Mrs O.

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