Demisola’s Important Things

Somehow, today is the 26th and I didn’t realize it. Where are you people that claim January is long? Turn on your location I want to have a few words with you. Literally forgot about my slot for this.


Somehow I didn’t get to write my usual end of the year review on Efe’s blog. I didn’t have the time. My mind was way too scattered to sit down, reflect, collate my thoughts and put pen to paper ( or finger to phone screen).

2017 was wild. Fast and wild. Everything just went gburu gburu and Dec 31st was like hello sis! Where did all my plans go? Balancing personal life, government work and 3 personal businesses while still attempting to live a baby girl life is not beans. I was constantly tired. Always overworked. Always busy. My mind was a yoyo. On something at one point, 2 seconds later it’s on something else I remember I’m supposed to have done. Exhausting. But nobody send me message ba? Na me dey form I can do all things.

Last year, I wrote about applying to different hospitals and not knowing what Job offers to take on. I swore I wasn’t going to stay back at UCH Ibadan being my alma mata. Did many many shakara. Threatened my friends and family I was going to National Hospital Abuja. Or Lagos. Or Ife. But guess where I ended up? U bloody CH. My senior colleagues heard I was coming and everyone wondered why on earth I’d turn down the other offers only to take UcH. I don’t know too. But I’m glad I did. Uch was an experience. One year that was looking like a mountain is ending in 4 weeks. And I survived! Unsecathed. No extensions, no queries. Had my bosses wrapped round my finger. As a baby Gyal!

My plans for 2018…. honestly didn’t set aside any new year resolutions because meh.

1. Business : I started a new business sometime last year and to be honest, this is the only thing on my mind like that like that for 2018. *insert Plug: @avril_jewelry offers a vast collection of specially crafted sterling silver, titanium and solid gold pieces with lifetime guarantee to satisfy everyone, irrespective of budget.

We also offer our customers the chance to design their own jewelry pieces. This is not limited to wedding jewelry alone. Seal a memory and gift a loved one a customized bracelet, necklace, earrings or even keychains*


I put a lot of work into it and I’m honestly praying for some super saiyan exponential growth this new year. Please follow and help me grow it. And patronize too. Let my destiny change small.

2. Work : I’ll be done with my housejob in a little under 4 weeks. Am I excited? Yes. Am I afraid? Also yes. Because after housejob is real life fam. The infamous salary drought. And boy is that scary. I’m hoping to find my balls and relocate to another city. Leave my comfort zone and challenge myself. It’s a scary thought but nobody ever soared without getting off their butts and attempting to fly no?

3. Personal life : I’ve always been the shy, cautious type who does everything to avoid conflict. Just smile and massage necessary egos. Lately I’ve been doing and saying things with my chest. Full chest. Kill yourself. I intend to do more of that. I want to be more deliberate. Travel. Experience new things. Enjoy my life. Be a baby girl. Make decisions that make ME happy. Enough of being ‘nice’.

4. Career: I hope to take some professional exams these year. First being my primaries. I haven’t started preparing like someone who has sense and wants to pass but maybe when that massive debit alert enters after paying for the exam, my brain will reset small. I don’t want to worry though. Worry has never helped.

My post isn’t what I hoped it would be. Thought I’d have a lot more time to articulate my thoughts. But life took over. These however are the important things I’m looking to achieve this year. Let’s see how it goes in the mid year post (we are having that right?)

[Editor’s note: Indeed.]

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