Discovering Motunrayo

Motunrayo Definition

Me when I saw this definition on Urban Dictionary: *carrying shoulders up*

Truly, I love everything about my full name. I always have, and I simply cannot think of a scenario where I don’t love my name as much as I do now.  The combination of all my names put together, the sheer exoticness, the way it rolls off my tongue. So beautiful. So different. So representative of the bearer.  Sometimes, I just sit, cross my legs, get comfortable and say my name. The full one. In all it’s glory.

Motunrayo – I have seen joy yet again.

This year is the year of coming into the fullness of my name. Joy. Everywhere. In everything. With everyone. When I cry, they will be tears of relief, of joy. Notice I said when. Because I will.  This is the year of tearing up my G card and burning the pieces.

Motunrayo: Lover.

This is the year of embracing all mushiness. What is a toughness? I am fully, completely, without-holding-anything-back letting myself love. I will relearn all the things I consciously forgot about loving, and learn new ones. Then I will start to apply each one, very slowly, very deliberately. Love is beautiful, and I intend to bask in it.

Motunrayo: Christian.

I’m dedicating my entire being to showing my heavenly father how much I love Him this year (and from here onwards forever). It will be in everything – my speech, my outfits, my worship, my friends, name it. I will consistently seek Him out every time, I will stay in His presence and just bask in the euphoria of the love we share, and then strive to love Him even better. Every day, better than the last.

Motunrayo: Daughter, Sister, Friend, Colleague.

All of these will receive 200% improvement. Deliberate, consistent actions. No flaring up, no overthinking, no anger, no malice. Just love. And peace and goodness and cheer, all ways, always.

Motunrayo: Helper, Giver.

Stepping in and helping. Without being asked, even when the person might not know they need help. Giving of myself, my resources, my time. The Relief Team will do more, reach more people, serve in larger capacities, the Lord being my helper.

Motunrayo: Writer

I used to write, a long time ago. Lots of erotica and some death LOL. I stopped (I don’t remember why anymore) I’ll start again this year, and actually share stuff, whether I think they’re good or not. If you people don’t think they’re good that’s your personal problem -_-

Motunrayo. Driver. Fashionista.

This is the year my first driving license expires. Brethren, I have used that license for EVERYTHING I CAN POSSIBLY USE IT FOR EXCEPT ACTUALLY DRIVING. I am almost ashamed of myself. Almost, because Lagos is full of mad drivers and I can still turn my nose up and call them mad because I no dey follow dem drag road yet. Anyway, for sure, I will renew my license. But will I use it for the intended purpose? YES with a nice car! *giggle*

This is the year also of Contact lenses. The days of A-badass-MakeupArtist-Just-Beat-My-face-But-You-Cant-See-Because-i-Have-My-Glasses-on are over! Everybody must see the wonder that was done!

Then you see this makeup kini? I must learn it by force. The most I’ve spent on makeup in my life is N1,500. This year I will just ask how much is needed for a proper makeup purse, and do the investment. Then I will buy more stuff. Upgrade my wardrobe. Slay Queen Status activated. We move.

Motunrayo: Winner.

Setting goals and smashing them. Business, school, money, certifications, volunteering, work.

I’m doing and excelling at all this year. Not one will be left out. If He did it before (in me), He can (and will) do it again. Again, deliberate efforts. No more oscillating between going hard and going with the flow. No more waiting till I feel like. I get up and go. And when I go, I will keep going. When I tire, I will pause, take some time, then keep going. This year, Motunrayo is a winner. A conscious, consistent one.

So far I have been: Motunrayo – Woman. Christian. Lover. Daughter. Employee. Friend. Sister. Volunteer.

This year, In addition to all I already am, I will be

Motunrayo – Student, Employer, Businesswoman, Helper, Girlfriend Of The Year. (I especially like that last part, can you tell? Hehe)

Oi! 2018, are you ready for me?

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