Being Intentional – Amina

She walks along a path unknown…imprinting… wondering where her next steps lead. Somehow there’s happiness amidst all the chaos. A calm residing right in the core of the storm.
She walks along a path untraced … making complex structures with that which is within…
She looks back at time long gone… not minding the ticking of the clocks… ignoring finished races… appreciating the small victories.
The sun rises, sets and rises again…. playing hide and seek with the moon. Everything is changing yet everything remains the same. She sees as seeds sprout surrounded by wilting roses…
Yet, all is calm and all is well.
I don’t want to dwell too much on 2017. It was amazing in more ways than one and it also had it’s not so great moments.
All in all, God was trying to teach me something… some days I’m not even sure I’ve fully learned my lesson. Maybe a part of me is just afraid to let go, but somehow I’m taking things one step at a time and learning…
The build up to 2018 was all kinds of amazing!!!
This year for me is about being intentional.
Intentional about my mental health, intentional about my friends, intentional about my happiness, intentional about everything concerning my life … because really eyan le ku any fucking time!!! [Someone can die any fucking time]. I realise I’ve been waiting for the right time while time is just watching, slowly passing me by…
I’m taking the plunge this year… starting a lot of firsts and rekindling a lot of ‘used to be’.
I realise now there’s only so much of me I can give… and all some people do is take and take – this year, it ends. Mi o de le wa para mi. [I cannot come and kill myself]
I’m staying happy this year – I’m done worrying about things I can’t control.
All is calm, all is well.
She smiles as she dances to the sun rays… a different spring in each step. She moves in perfect rhythm with the whistling leaves and the wind carries her words…to the place where dreams are born.

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