Obianuju’s Prayer

Still speaking into my year;

I’m grateful for much. A whole lot. I’m truly grateful. I’m grateful for new opportunities opening up like doors that never close to me and mine. Everyday. Every blessed day they show up. Disguised as problems sometimes, opportunities knock on our doors every day and for that I say thank you God.

Last year I got a job. Close to my house. And my ideas are coming back to me now. I feel like my ideas left me because I didn’t pay adequate attention to them and I need to do better. So this 2018, I plan to do so much better. Last year I did not do all the things I planned to. But I know this year is for streamlining the things I’ve done already. Revising them. Making them better. So help me Lord. And whenever I feel like I haven’t done enough, I’ll remind myself that last year I opened an ARM stock trade account, got halfway through my French language course on Duolingo, started 2 investment fund accounts and more. I fully intend to be very proud of myself by December 31st this year and with the One who makes ways where there seem to be none on my side, I know I will.

Speaking of Big Daddy, I hope to pray more. To have my audio Bible on whenever I’m about to sleep and to write down my prayers a whole lot more. I hope worshipping and praying to Him never becomes a chore for me because He is the only one who loves me me through thick and thin, for richer or poorer. Everything I can’t do, I ask God. I say Jesus, make a way for me and He does. Lord, let it NEVER be a chore for me to bless you. Let me never consider it a chore to worship you. Let me never take it for granted what You do for me.

This year, my sole purpose is to make me proud of myself. Big Daddy, please make a way.


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