Being Mary-Jane’s Best Year Yet


I’ve been staring at this screen blankly for the past 20 minutes asking myself what exactly I am hopeful for in 2018, initially I came up empty. I mean come on, it’s a Friday night, I’m supposed to be doing some stress relieving activity like reading a book or going to the party happening on campus tonight, so my brain is little bit at the point of its diminishing return. It’s been a hell of a week.

Finally finding some inspiration… I’m going to talk to 2018, I’m going to tell you, all the things I want you to bring for me this year, and I hope you’re listening ’cause like I’ve been telling myself and everybody kind enough to listen, you’ll be my best year yet!

For starters, 2018, you’ll be the year I’ll be called to the Nigerian Bar. Somehow, that 8 year old girl’s dream of being like the judge she saw in court on a school trip has metamorphosed into me being at the last stages of my education and I cannot be more excited. Throw in a first class, and 2018 you’ll have outdone yourself. I’m counting on you!

Secondly, 2018, I fell in love and that’s a big deal. Seeing as halfway through 2017, my love life was a disaster of epic proportions. How it happened I don’t know, but I’m glad I did, with a man that’s so adorable it seems clichè. He makes me laugh half the time and somehow does not enjoy football, go figure. So 2018, this time please do your job as my best year yet, and make this one stick, okay, I’m counting on you. I really am tired of kissing frogs.

2018, you’ll make it 5 years since daddy passed and it still seems like yesterday, I somehow still hear his voice, and I always wonder whether he’s looking down on us, proud of all the things we’ve achieved as a family since he’s been gone. Mum’s really strong, too strong sometimes, but I can see she misses you so much. She still hasn’t cleaned out your suits from the closet till now. 2018, please make sure she has the strength to still go about being awesome.

Lastly, 2018, I need to lose some weight, but I’m so lazy and there’s really never any time, I’m not making any excuses it’s just how it is, but I know, that’s still beside the fact, I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been and I hate it, so please I need to find the time to do this.

I know you’ll have challenges just like every other year, but like I keep saying… irrespective of whatever might seem like a problem, I’ll triumph and you’ll end up being my best year yet.


Mary Jane

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