Announcing: 30 Days Hopeful 2018


I feel a bit like a fraud. The thread below explains why.






















So yeah, feel free to sign up if you’re interested in entering for the project this year. I realise this is very last minute and I’ll be surprised if we have posts everyday like previous editions but I’ve accepted that this is entirely due to my shortcomings and I’m committed to making what improvements I can as we go along and then revamp for the future.

Speaking of improvements, the awesome @jyte12 saw my tweets above and has graciously offered assistance, and considering her background as an editor, her help is so welcome and highly appreciated. We’re still in the process of figuring out in what form that assistance is going to come but one part of the deal I’ve already (reluctantly) agreed to is that I must put at least six posts on here from February to December last year. I don’t know how I’m going to do that considering my words have for the most part gone and flown away… but it’ll happen, so help me God. My word is my bond.

That said. Below is the schedule for the project. It will be updated as others sign up and are confirmed. So what date do you want?

Day 1 – Toxic
Day 2 –
Day 3 –
Day 4 –
Day 5 –
Day 6 –
Day 7 –
Day 8 – @09_Eleven | @juachiobi
Day 9 –
Day 10 – @LajiDwayem
Day 11 –
Day 12 –
Day 13 – Chuma
Day 14 – @9elumi
Day 15 – @theVunderkind
Day 16 – @iskminov
Day 17 – @Y1nka_XVII
Day 18 – @TamaraPosibi | @tomboxe
Day 19 – @ameenas_musings
Day 20 – @j_divaaa
Day 21 – Yevandy
Day 22 –@yve_olution
Day 23 – Bukola
Day 24 – @ineffablewaters
Day 25 – @motvnrayo_
Day 26 – Lolia | Demisola
Day 27 – @Akwybombom
Day 28 – @daminozide | @hrhobj
Day 29 – @janiebanks
Day 30 – @BNKYPHNX | @Ogenna