Ifeanyi: It’s Impossible Until It’s Done

My name is Ifeanyi – In my language, it literally means “a difficult thing”. Like an actual impossible thing. That might account for why I am so difficult – or more like difficult to understand or describe. Ineffable. When my mother gets mad or my sister is trying to be cheeky, they say the entire sentence –

Onweifeanyichukwu – Is there anything impossible for God?

My name literally translates as a bible verse. I wish I remembered that more often. Especially when life hits me with those curve balls it likes to throw. It is the 24th day of the year and I have already been faced with difficulty achieving what I set out to do this year.

Live Life Out Loud – Or better put, Live Your Life, Abeg.

I work as a writer on television – and this year, I am finally taking the plunge and directing my own material – I think it has been on my list for the last two years. Well, this is the year. I love my job as a writer and I appreciate being able to do what I love on the platform I have been given. Not everyone can say they are doing what they love and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have stories I write seen in at least 40 countries across Africa.

For with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37

But this year, I plan to go a step higher – my first plan is to get my project, The Origin Of Love off the ground. It can best be described as a wobbly, mish mash of a higgi hagga, tweedlydumdum, bubbly sort of interview talk show where we go around talking to Nigerian (and maybe some day, generally African) couples still in love after 20 years or more. Their secrets, their ideas, their love stories. You know how there is a constant debate that the generation before us are in loveless marriages? Or women are still in many marriages just because of the children? The plan is to speak bluntly with some of these couples and maybe uncover some truth.

I have already gone through some trauma getting it off the ground. I have cried and been faced with crippling fear. But the idea this year is to do. So next year, when I am writing this, I will hopefully talking about yet another season.


‘With God all things are possible’ (Matthew 19:26b)

The idea is to follow that with a short film or two and maybe squeeze in a web series. I plan to exercise my creative muscle as much as I can. I am done seeing others living life while I remain trapped in a bubble of fear and indecision – this will require exercising the muscle that helps me believe in myself and my talent a little harder. Fingers crossed. 

All other stuff – like getting my weight in order – plus, loving my body as hard as I can – which involves dressing to celebrate my love for my body, exercising so I get my happy hormones in, learning to play my guitar, maybe finally learning to ride the bike I’ve had parked in my room for over a year ( it was on my list last year), staying man free (long story) while being deliriously happy – and all the other things that mean I am truly living my life out loud

“I am the LORD, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27


Tamara’s Uncharted Territories

So, 2017 was like a build up for me, a build up into an amazing 2018.

I finally lost weight!!!!*yay* (dancing all the Nigerian steps, hahahaha)
It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. A lot of people are now coming to me for weight loss advice. I can now see how it feels to have a flat tummy. I’m almost a size 10!!!! I need to do special thanksgiving set. In your face, fat.

I wrote the residency and passed.

I got engaged and did the family introduction. I still can’t believe I’m getting married in 3 weeks.

A whole lot of awesome stuff happened in 2017 to be honest and I’m grateful. So so grateful.

I also questioned a lot of the decisions I made in 2017. An average Nigerian medical graduate wants to leave Nigeria at all cost, yet here I was writing exams to continue the Nigerian hustle, planning to get married and settle in Nigeria.

Was I making the right decision? Shouldn’t I join my colleagues and start writing international exams? Should I be getting married? Is staying in Nigeria worth it?
All these questions and many more kept me awake and worried in 2017. But I kept /keep telling myself “I will flourish in this land”.

2018 My year of exploring uncharted territories.

That is what I’m calling 2018

First territory

Being someone’s wife is a scary ish to me to be honest but I’m going to trust God.
Na Jesus fit do am for this marriage thing o. I mean the ceremony is like 3 weeks away!!!!! Much more than the excitement is the nervousness and 1001 questions keep popping up in my head.
Jesus you have to take control.

Second territory

I need to go a country that is not Ghana this year oh Lord!!!
Let this dream of spending a week at least in the abroad that is not Ghana come to pass this year!!!
Let my international passport go international. Can I hear a loud Amen?

Third territory

I’m going to finish service this year and hopefully become employed and prayerfully start residency. I will be so happy to start residency this year.

I’m trusting in many other things but these 3 things are key this year.

Soon to be Dr. Mrs O.

Yve’s Purple Reign

I considered writing this early. I mean, I’m a forgetful person so it made sense to do it when I remembered! But then my affliction (aka overthinking) kicked in.

“What if you do it too early and something interesting happens? “You know how much you hate editing your own stuff” (love doing it for others). “What will happen if there is a BIG event?

I decided not to…and what do you know, life got in the way.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. 2017 was…interesting. You remember that Partner In Crime & Pleasure from last year? That came to a not so pleasurable end… le sigh. In my most gracious way, I thank him for the fun, for getting the creative juices flowing & life lesson I could have done without (nah he’s cool-ish. I’m one of those ‘friendly’ with the ex-type people). So 2017 wasn’t the best (not quite the ‘transcendent’ I hoped for), but the whole year got me learning a little bit more about myself and it wasn’t unpleasant.

As usual 2018, my hope for better and it’s looking up already (I mean, Black Panther anyone??)!

One of the things I’m absolutely determined to do is get my work/life balance better. It was appalling last year, spent way too much time in the office so I need to work better and smarter (plus the regular 9-5 or 10-6 in my case, can dry up the creative mind a little.

The deadline for the self-publishing is fast approaching and I am not ready but I am determined to be (Lawd help me!!). The plan is to do more things creative, just last week, I was asked to write a sex scene for someone’s book (oh yeah, I’m an erotica writer in case that’s never come up), which has me psyched! I’m also trying to submit a little screenplay for someone’s project later this year (they haven’t officially asked me to do it but I’m putting it out there), which is scary as f… hell!

I also do some work with some great people in a Women’s group I created, and determined to do a lot more with them. We already have a getaway trip planned, and I am hoping to do a lot more of that.

I want… no, need to travel more. I have not done anything decent in this area for years and I have all these plans in my head.  If only my holiday allowance (and bank balance) could keep up with my mind; as I type, new plan is to change this. The dreams of far out, exotic destinations will come true!

I have always prided myself as being able to roll with the punches and adjust in whatever situation I find myself in.  While that is a good skill, I’m also learning that it sometimes means that one gets comfortable in the situation due to this ‘adjustment’ and that can delay change. So in 2018, I will not just adjust, I will change and I will conquer…comfort zone be damned!! It will be a helluva ride, I do hope you join me 😊 The little ones in my life think I look like a superhero (these days my hair is purple, hence Purple Reign…see what I did there heh heh?), and I intend to prove that I am, dagnamit (at least in their eyes!)!


As usual, I wish you peace, love and vodka (I want to add a little something else but lemme keep it PG so I get to do this again next year 😉). Happy New Year folks!

Intentional living with Justina

2017: What a year it was I’m just grateful to have experienced and survived the year that it was. It was so challenging and there were times when I just wanted to give up, but I couldn’t afford to. My motto was “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me” I still have the sticky note on my fridge because I needed that reassurance every day, that I would be fine.

I was the queen procrastinator because I was too scared to do anything outside my routine, plus I spent half the time cracking jokes and keeping up appearances, so everyone would think I was okay and happy. Initially I didn’t believe in writing down my goals or plans because I’ll probably just forget I wrote it down somewhere, but I have realized the POWER in just penning your thoughts down. You give life to your words when you write it down.

My plans/goals for 2018 are as follows:

1. Overcoming my fear – I think I started out 2018 on a good note by deciding to write for this blog. I’ve always had a fear of revealing my thoughts to the world. The fear of not being good enough.

2. Leaving my comfort zone – I plan on doing things I’ve never done before and even if it doesn’t work out, I’ll know that at least I tried.

3. Professional Qualification- Last year Miss procrastinator came to town and I didn’t buy the form that would enable me take the exams to join the TRCN (Teacher’s registration council of Nigeria). I am writing this year *fingers crossed*.

4. Building long lasting relationships – Let’s just say I want to be a better friend and be more involved in the lives of people I care about.

5. Love – This is something I’m trying to be more intentional about. I hope my soulmate comes knocking soon enough. LOL.

6. Travel- I’m trying to see the world this year. Starting with certain places in Nigeria and I ready hope I can keep up with this.

7. Reading – I can’t keep making the excuse that I don’t read anymore because of twitter. I’m going to try my best to pick up a book or two (don’t judge me) this year.

8. Be a fine girl irrespective of societies definition of beauty. LOL This year, I just want to put in more effort as regards my life and hopefully God sees me through and helps me make my goals a reality. The plan is to live my best life moving forward.


Tomboxe: Check Your Energy

In years past, I’ve written this differently. I’ve spoken of things I’d like to achieve, things I’ve dreamt up in the fervent fever that creatives (rolls eyes at that most buzzy of buzzwords) tend to be possessed by in our good moments.
Last year I met around about zero of my creative targets, and I apologise. You’re meant to create and spread. Creativity is a gift, a seed. And to be fruitful, to multiply, to use those gifts to bring a little joy or thoughtfulness to the world – that is the task a creative person is set by the universe.
This year is a little different. I know what I’d like to achieve, and I’ve already started setting things in motion. I will not be making sweeping statements or asking the readers of this inspiring blog to hold me accountable. I will just move, with determination and intention, towards my targets.
There are two things I will say though. This year is a year of being intentional in as many ways as I can. I’d like to own my decisions – to be able to say “I did it with my chest,” to hold my hands up when things don’t work out. It’s not something that’s a hundred percent feasible, but we work towards the goal.
In 2018, as part of my intentionality, I’m going to be working on consistency. It’s become popular to tell people on social media to ‘keep that same energy’ when they speak on certain things. Well maintaining consistent energy requires checking your energy at regular intervals and checking yourself when you find you’re slipping. And this isn’t just a social justice thing. In friendships, at work, in career moves, and in other things, I want my energy to be consistently positive and on the side of the angels. For someone who suffers from quite bad mood swings, consistent positivity will be a monumental challenge – but we move.
And that brings me to the final, and most important word for 2018. We move. See I plan to make moves, as we all do and hope that our moves bring us great success. But I don’t just want to move. I want to move in love. I want my thoughts and actions to be guided by love. It may sound soft and counter-intuitive when you consider the cutthroat nature of society today, and it might seem impossible in a world where insularity and divisiveness often speak louder than peace and unity, but being unpopular isn’t the same as being wrong, so we move.
In 2018, we move in love.

Breaking Walls – Yinka

Just another day in the office. I just got a deposit from a customer. Before that I was in and out of my cubicle going to my laptop. I was checking my Portfolio, which only has 5 shares and I noticed the total balance wasn’t what it shouldn’t be, all because of my stupid withdrawals. Stock trading is all about accepting the small gains on a deal-by-deal basis until it all adds up but patience has never been my strong suite. I always took out cash whenever I sold shares. I knew I shouldn’t be doing it, but… but… *sigh*

My indiscipline will kill me.

*gulps down Black Tea*

Other than that, 2017 was a blast! I met so many new people, did so many new things, got out of my own solitary self a lot more and my job was … nice, fun at times but most importantly it was paying for stuff I kinda always wanted but was too broke to buy. The year was fun to the very end and I definitely left with a bunch of good memories. It was fulfilling.

What am I doing in 2018?

First my finances need to recover from the December massacre, get obese and build up for the future. I ate, drank, played, and ran around too much for my bank account to handle. I really want to stick to my savings plan this year and probably increase it when I can (unlikely but I’ll try) but I need to make more money through the NSE (Nigerian Stock Exchange) this year. I’ve done it before so I’m confident I can achieve it but this year I want to keep the focus level up so that I see the opportunities immediately they arise & can let go of stocks at the right time before I lose profit on them. As a stock market investor the worst thing you can do to yourself is to get caught off guard consistently. I have to constantly monitor the market and ensure I’m aware of events that can effect the prices negatively, but hopefully positively for the stocks I posses. I’m also going to ensure that all the stocks I have have medium to long-term growth potential so I can see the numbers of my shares in green not just days after I buy them but for weeks to come. With the stock market, if you’re just hearing about a particular stock of a company when it’s trending upward, it’s most likely going to be too late to buy it at that time you’re just finding out about it.  I don’t wanna be late to buy or sell anything.

I would really like to exercise more. I got some dumbbells I was working with in the morning before I go to work but I never followed my schedule consistently. It didn’t help that the first time I did it, my arms hurt so bad I couldn’t bend my elbows comfortably without aching and pain. Preferably I would like to get a basketball court close by but transport issues are a hindrance. I hope I can find one and play often.

I’d like to eat differently, too. I want to expand the variety. Rice everyday is something I don’t want to do anymore. I’d like more sandwiches (with both fresh and toasted bread), potatoes, stir-fries, Oats, different types of pastas and a lot more stuff. I also have a few recipes I want to establish, too. Personally I’d rather come up with food ideas through experience and questioning common rules about what complements each other. I rather create a unique way off the top of my head than researching it on google. I would like to cook with ingredients that won’t normally be combined on a particular meal. It feels more organic and self-taught for me that way. Hopefully I develop my interest in this.



So after years of teasing it in my head to myself I finally grew the balls to do it. After years of silent songwriting, random drumming on any possible surface, and singing hooks in public no one has heard before, I finally decided I want to spend my life creating music. I told myself I could do it, hit up a friend from secondary school who’s a producer, got a beat and spazzed on it. The result of that was Rebel. However, I finished making that song almost 5/6 months before I finally dropped it on Independence Day 2017, fighting the nerves, imagining the reactions and accepting whatever consequences were going to come. Upon getting over all of that, I dropped the song. So I’m a banker by day, rapper every other time. Not the easiest balance to strike, but I will do what I want to do regardless.

I hope people listen to my music but at the same time I have a lot of work to do. I performed 3 times last year and while they weren’t bad I realized I wasn’t always connecting with the audience so I need to step up. My initial trick was to lie to myself I wasn’t nervous… until I got on stage and it felt like my feet were soaked in a bucket of ice. Probably because I hadn’t performed since my AUN days but this is something I want to work on. I also need to speed up my songwriting process so I can release songs quicker. I know I’m not gonna be some overnight success so I’m taking baby steps, not rushing anything and trusting my ability to execute and murder any beat and in due time I hope to get the recognition I believe my work will deserve.

With that said, here is my first song of 2018. It’s called Break The Walls and it’s about my motivations and why I decided to rap. I hope you resonate with me and see that my love and passion for music runs very deep.


Overall, discipline is the major key for me in 2018 – making sure I always put myself in the best position to take advantage of anything that makes me a better and more successful person without taking shortcuts or losing motivation or getting lazy.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

More Growth – Stanley


“We used to fight for building blocks. Now we fight for blocks with buildings.”
– Jay Z, D’evils, Reasonable Doubt, 1996

The greatest thing entrepreneurship has done to me is give me skills I can use to earn income outside a 9 to 5. It didn’t all happen at once; it’s been a gradual process of learning – acquire the skill, practice, acquire a new one – and they have all been business (management) related.

As the years go by, I’m more and more grateful to God for putting me in this position.

I don’t think I have ever had so many opportunities available to me in one year (than what 2018 provides) – opportunities to do great things and truly live.

But with the opportunities come expectations to achieve them, and the pressure that brings.

I did poorly in my finances in 2017, and I’ve started making better financial decisions this year. I want to do better than I’ve ever done.

It’s all about finally scaling that CIM hurdle, career-wise. It will require a good plan, time, and discipline.

2017 was weird in some ways. I fell ill towards the end of the year – I was diagnosed with respiratory infection in November, and I was ill for over 3 weeks. Then I started the new year plagued with an illness that hasn’t completely gone.

I’m really praying for good health in 2018; not just for myself, but everyone around me and everyone I know. Those weeks in November made me appreciate what being 100% healthy means. Your body can literally just shut down on you.

Achieving my goal of having an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit hasn’t gotten off to a good start. I keep telling myself that it’s just 16th January, but like a football match, having a fast start helps.

This year, I want to go farther than I’ve ever gone. I want to start fulfilling the enormous potential I know I have. It’s all about experiencing more growth.

I wish you the same.

Stanley Oyovota is a salesman, marketer, entrepreneur and management consultant.