Dusk 28: Frances

I tried to review my goals abi hopes for last year on my blog and I just couldn’t do so.

It was a year of surpassed goals… what God did in 2015 couldn’t be boxed into a corner and I simply let gratitude flow as it should.

This year is a year of “Coming up Higher” for me.

“Come Up Higher”.

I kept asking God what He meant.

Well, it’s a “come up higher” in purpose…

Come up higher in Christ Jesus…

Come up higher in God’s glory…

It won’t be without a cost as my path is one that I have realized that few people walk.

I’m not after money, I’m not after a bae, I am not after that 5 figure job… I am after “walking in God’s purposes” for my life and if His purposes involve the fore mentioned things people pursue, then I want all that too.

Funny thing is His purpose actually actually involve these things but His ways work a bit differently from the world, being that you don’t pursue those things, you pursue Him and what He wants for you… then and only then He adds up the rest to and for you.

So this is me simply #ComingUpHigher like you keep saying Lord…

My God-given visions for 2016 are divided into three basic parts…


(1) I want to get into more of the Word this year.

The Word is God and the more I am wrapped closely with the Word, the more I am in Him.

Goal is to atleast finish one book of the new testament every two weeks… (this will be hard because I mostly study my Bible as the Spirit gives me a word each morning…) but in addition to this, I will take a deliberate step to delve into the Word in more than what I have been doing in the years gone by.

(2) It’s a huge goal to pray in the Spirit for at least one hour each day.

I started this last year and it’s just amazing… building up yourself in your most holy faith the Word says…praying according to the will of the Father… the benefits of this are immense.

My preferred time is 3am in the morning each day but I won’t streamline this to that, let’s say this 2016, a set time to war on my knees in tongues is a huge goal to achieve.

(3) Learn to love like God wants me to love.

He keeps calling me to come up higher in this 1Corinthians 13 kind of love and it’s so hard!

But I have realized that quarrels, unforgiveness, etc, are not of God(Love).

So this year I want to walk in love and let love dominate my flesh.

Get to the point where I love the unlovable, forgive the unforgivable and forget the unforgettable.

(4) Sow more seeds…

As the Spirit leads, I want to give more… and this I will do much more so when my cash at hand isn’t enough… that should be the more reason why I should obey and sow.

I hope to spread seeds everywhere as God gives me grace to do so this year.


(1) Stay faithful on the blog.

Last year was amazing on the blog, God just blew me away with people I met, lives that were transformed… the testimonies had me asking if it’s same small me God is using to do this…

This year, Purposeful Monday’s, Online Bible Study, Frances’ Love letters… seminars an discussions on purpose arising from my book… I pray and I am determined to stay faithful with the ministry of writing for Jesus that God has given to me.

(2) And speaking of writing for Jesus…

Last year I had a goal to write a book on NYSC but God surprised me.

First I wrote “Chastity For Men” (which all men and women should totally get. The e-copies are free)

Then He gave me words for my first hard copy book “10 steps to walking in purpose”.

The way the provision for printing, book launch, seminars on walking in purpose being held arising from the book… the way it all happened was like a movie!

This year He has been tugging on me to get on the book on NYSC, it should be out latest March/April as its written out already.

I expect Daddy to blow my mind away with this one too… along with other ideas for books He will make a reality in this year 2016.

(3) Take my work in schools to the next level.

I organize “Awakening youths” seminars in secondary schools where I speak on finding and walking In purpose… basically awakening young girls to the fact that God has a purpose for their lives.

I would be getting a website for it and registering the NGO this year.

I hope to get this done by April this year so work starts In schools as they resume for second term.

If you are interested in volunteering for this… you love impacting lives too, then you can shoot me a mail at okorofrances@gmail.com

(4) I would also be organizing more seminars/discussions on walking in purpose arising from my book in universities, youth gatherings, etc.

The first of these is planned to be in Unilag, hopefully done in June.

(5) Stay faithful with the single ladies group “the Women at the well” that God has given to me.

We had our first meet last year in Lagos and the discussions, prayers, Bible studies that have sprung up in the group have been amazing.

It’s just surprising that God would take my simple desire to live a satisfied life as a single lady in Him into something this grand.

I believe we’d be moving into a group with bridal showers being thrown, married women becoming mentors and the single ladies… all women filled with and in Jesus, shining His light everywhere..pillars in their workplaces and families.

I pray to be a faithful tool in God’s hands in setting this up…

And oh, we are having our first hangout in Lagos this Saturday January 30th.

We’d be sharing on “wisdom for the not yet married” along with a movie date, watching “War room”, complete with drinks and all.

Talk about a room full of godly women with the Word and prayers, setting up this year on a serious high.

You can email or comment below with your email if you are interested in attending. It’s free. Venue is at VI, Lagos (more details when you mail moi)

#Personal Goals…

(1) Travel Goals…!

Last year I had an amazing time with my #12TripChallenge!

I visited 12 new places in 2015 and it was awesome!

I had a high like no other and till today when I read the chronicles on my blog, I break out in a huge smile.

This year though, I would still be traveling and seeing new places but I sincerely only have a desire to broaden my travels outside Nigeria.

Ghana and Cotonou first to be precise.

The Ghana trip, God has told me it’s a Joseph dream because I also wanna hold seminars in schools there… but also still see tourist sites.

So at the end of 2016, since God can do far beyond what we can ask or think, I expect Him to have worked out trips that are far more than these two I listed… amen!

(2) #FitFam things…

All I will say here is I am now more concerned about getting my eating habits right and making exercise a lifestyle.

Seriously I put on a bit of weight at home at the end of 2015 and I wasn’t that bothered as I knew I would lose it again… what got me worried was that every time I ate “anyhow” I found it difficult to pray and all, energy levels would be down and for all I know 2016 has in store, this isn’t the way to go.

So I wanna get things right that way first… and at the same time, get to my ideal weight of 65kg.

I am taking It slow and steady though.

Currently in a weight loss group that starts on February 1st and plan is to do three sets of 40days, being disciplined and all and then start maintaining from there.

(3) Get GODfident.

I realized after my book came out last year that I had a bit of confidence issues… not trusting what God has put in me… stuttering when I wanted to talk to bookshop owners… sizing up places and saying in my mind that “my book doesn’t belong here”.

All lies from the pit of hell.

I realize that me in me is nothing and me in God or rather God in me is everything.

So this year is gonna be a #going all out with everything God has told me to do.

Shutting fear down with no apologies.

A serious do it afraid no matter how big the what I have to do seems.

Getting that Godfidence that made a fisherman stand in front of crowds and win 3000 souls in one speech!

The reason why Peter did that was simply because he had been with Jesus.

Fear isn’t of God.

He expects me to trust Him and have confidence in what He has put in me and this I will be doing this year.

I am very certain that everything I have written here is just a tip of what God has for me this year.

He always does that… exceeds expectations and flies higher than the visions just so we know that He indeed can do all things!

I know that at the end of 2016 when I read this again, it will be with another awe at God and then simply respecting myself enough to give thanks and not evaluate/review because He has surpassed all the goals again.

And to God, the one who can do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I can ask or think… I commit my goals, visions, dreams, hopes and expectations.

It will be said of me “just when she thought she could thank Him for all He has done, He did it again!”

I wish us all an amazing year ahead.

And oh yes!

You can follow my blog and be inspired to #WalkInPurpose in Christ at http://www.imperfectlyperfectlives.com

The things Frances has done and is doing are so inspiring… it’s refreshing to see she’s not resting on her oars and she actually plans to do more.

I pray the winds in her sails never stop blowing. Fly, Frances. Fly.

Day 28: Juachi

I chose the 28th because I turn 28 this year.

And I’m not sure how I feel about it.

On one hand, I’m one of those people who really enjoy celebrating my birthday-no big parties but lots of biscuits and ice cream and movies. I really like that I’m getting older. It just bothers me now I guess because I’ve failed recently.

And it’s not one thing either, nope it’s ‘a series of unfortunate events’ since the end of 2015 spilling into 2016 and I think I’ve hit rock bottom now I’m at a low point right now.

So you know, that’s the ‘other hand’ and all.

Odd thing is though I’m not as sad/upset/depressed as I usually am about these things. I mean there’s the occasional crying and asking God questions but all in all I’ve had a really hopeful outlook on everything. Church has been a big help especially getting involved with some amazing people who motivate and encourage me. It’s because of them I began a Bible reading plan this year. My brother got married to an absolute darling last year, my Mum is finally done with school (don’t ask), Sisi is happy with her work, I started painting more often and had my first exhibition last year and reading too. I’ve learnt to look at these ‘small miracles’, keep track of them and recite them when everything feels so bleak.

That said, what do I hope for most this year?

First, I’d like to resume writing again. I’ve been dragging my feet but this month is my month!! *looks at calendar*

Next month is my month!! I have a thousand and one scattered ideas running through my head and would love to get them out very soon.

I’d like to travel this year, within Nigeria. Nothing nationalistic, just I have to be reasonable about what I can afford these next few months plus I really haven’t seen as much of this *insert patriotic, superfluous descriptor* country as I should have.

I really want to learn to play the violin this year. My goal is to be able to play Memory of Fanelia from the Escaflowne OST by the end of the year – I can’t even read music and don’t own a violin. People, pray for me.

I’ve got a few projects in the works and some still in planning stage so I really hope I can work on all of them this year.

Maybe two academic papers too while I’m being all hopeful?

Most of all though, I really want peace this year, to have faith without feeling like someone poured acid on my heart and to learn to make the most of difficult situations without whining as much (let’s just accept I’m going to complain regardless).

So help me God.

Writing. Travel. Violin. Two academic papers. Peace. Faith. Learning. Small fries for a God who’s a very present help in and beyond times of trouble.

God’s got you, Ju.

Day 27: Oluchi


To understand what I am hopeful for this year, a little insight is needed into what my life had been before now.

I studied Law and Languages and graduated in 2014 and no matter how many career talks a person attends, nothing actually prepares you for the difficulty of the real world. I moved back to Nigeria armed with all the good intentions on God’s green earth and billion-dollar business ideas, but life was probably looking at me and having a right laugh.

The first challenge came with Law school. All of my friends who got into Law school said it was a breeze but the reality was far from it. I had to prove this, prove that, bribe this person, and travel to Abuja three times a month. End of the day it was all for naught; I didn’t get in.  I tried to hide the pain from my parents, acted nonchalantly and told them I didn’t want to pursue a career in Law any way but deep inside I was inconsolable, my friends were being called to bar and I was languishing at home, unable to do anything.

Next step was NYSC, I had gotten lots of mouth-watering job offers because of the course I studied at University but after every interview I got a call that they wouldn’t be offering me the position after all since I hadn’t completed the NYSC program. This was when depression set in. Close to nine months at home and I hadn’t achieved anything: my life practically ground to a halt, I lashed out at everyone so my friends quietly withdrew, I had shouting matches with my mum everyday, I became anti-social, lived in my room, wouldn’t talk to anyone.  In the typical Nigerian fashion my parents did not suspect I was depressed instead they’d always tell me that I didn’t have “the spirit of hustling” like my other siblings did, that I was spoilt and lazy. I don’t blame them though.

The only person who came close to finding out was my sister but I burrowed deeper into myself and wouldn’t let her in.  Oh yeah I also gained a truckload of weight and my self-esteem hit rock bottom.  Those were dark days.

This may seem like I’m spewing negativity but it’s a background to my hope for this year and I purposely chose Day 27 just to be able to see if I’d be able to keep up with the resolutions I’d made.

This year, I have decided to face life head on; this is the year I live! No more wallowing from one pain to another. I’m going to go back to Nigerian Law School this year to know why I didn’t get in. I’m applying for NYSC in February/March; heck I’d do them both side by side. I’m making a conscious effort to reconnect with most of my friends: some are willing but sadly others have moved on… oh well. This is the year I finally complete my driving lessons after so many, many false starts. This is the year I go the extra-mile and make just that bit of extra effort; go out more, meet people, keep in touch, lose some weight, do at least 1 extreme sport so help me God! – Yes I’m also finding my way back to God because he is the anchor of my soul and so far, it’s looking good

Life cannot defeat me unless I allow it and this year, I am choosing not to allow it. 

Oh and if I’m seized by bae this year, so be it.

I am invictus.

She is invictus. She is the captain of her fate. She is the master of her soul.

Day 26: Bankole


When I decided to write this, I thought it was going to be easy peasy. Shebi na to right goal and plans for the year and that’s all? Well now I can write it with ease but when I actually started a week ago, it wasn’t so easy.

First questions is what are my goals actually for 2016? Truth is I didn’t cross into this year with any definitive ones. It’s not that I am disorganized oh (okay maybe I am a little), it’s just that you make all these plans and God has something else in mind so I kind of want to go with the flow. However, I do have hopes for things I want this year and I will share them.

1. Do great in school (again)! Mehn last year was so really hard on me emotionally but I managed to do really great at school and I know it’s only because of God so this year that I am back at it, I hope to still do well. It’s the one thing I have right now and the one thing I can use to make myself proud of me. So I am hoping by September when I am done, it’s with an above 80% average again 🙂

2. Take the Canadian Securities Exams and PASS! So I am going into the financial services industry (well I hope) and I need to take two exams and pass them to work in the roles I want in the industry. Honestly as I write this, I don’t know how I am going to write the exams because the truth is I can’t afford to pay for it right now and because I had to quit my job for school and I’ve been unable to find a new one, I don’t know where I’d get the money. Anyway, I’m hoping God comes through for me and I get to take both exams and pass.

3. Get a job after college: Job hunting is hard. It’s a full time job on its own even when you have the required qualifications and experience not imagine someone like me who really has no substantial experience. I’m hoping and praying I find something that I’d at least be proud to say I do.

4. Make friends: So in the last quarter of 2015 I moved to a new city and it has been lonely as hell. I don’t really have any friends here so I’m mostly by myself and sometimes I think it takes it’s toll on me emotionally. Anyway I’m hoping this year I get to put myself out there more and be more outgoing because well yeah I don’t want life to pass me by.

So those are my major hopes for the year. I really want this year to go well and to be in a better place emotionally, mentally and spiritually because 2015 really wasn’t the best. I typically hate years that end in even numbers but let’s see if this one will break the cycle. Here’s to a wonderful 2016 🙂


This amazon person will just be showing herself anyhow. But isn’t that what happens when you’re blessed and highly favoured? Your self will just be showing itself. Anyhow too.

More blessings and more favour shall Bankole receive this year. Amen.

Dusk 25: Motunrayo

‘Holed up in my room because I’m sick of all human interaction. It seems like there’s an inverse relationship between my excitement and that of everyone around me. I’m becoming something scary. I don’t know if this is  a process of finding myself or of losing it. I just want to be alone and rid of everyone who’s trying to care. Stay away. I’m changing and I’m freaking the fuck out about it’

This was written one afternoon in december 2015, but it pretty much summed up my whole 2015. It was a bad one, no lie. And I carried the negativity with me into 2016. No hopes, no plans, no goals, nothing. I was just going to freestyle. But what keeps us humans going, if not hope? 

Jer 29:11 ‘For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.’

I’m taking both. The future and the hope .

Psalm 147:3 ‘He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.’

I’m also taking the healing. For my heart, for my spirit, for my dreams.

John 14:27 ‘Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give it to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid’.

Those too. Peace, Courage, Strength. Mine. 

The year has started, and January is almost over, but we move still. I started planning a project for easter, whose outcome I may decide to use as a yardstick to measuring my progress so far in 2016. I will miss an exam in February because i didn’t register and attend classes last year (which is not so far fetched since I was a mannequin last year and mannequins do not go to classes or take exams), so in taking disciplinary action on myself, I went and registered for THREE courses online, and paid too. And I have to be done by the first quarter of this year. SMH. If you type ‘congratulations, you played yourself’ into a search bar, you should see a picture of me.

But I have claimed courage and strength abi? So, we move. 

 1 corinthians 2:9 ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.’ 

And I do, truly. So, naturally, in 2016, I’m waiting to see His magic in me. 

p.s. Happy birthday PreciousHeart; The complete and absolute love of my life. May the wind ever be at your back. I love you like crazy!

That “Congratulations, you played yourself” line got me cracking up. I expect that in the end though, there will be no playing of self. Because as Motunrayo has claimed, she will see His magic in her.

Day 25: Mosimiloluwa

2015 was a funny year for me.

I used to be one of those Abuja people that say they can never ever move to Lagos for a salary less than N250,000. Well guess what? I moved to Lagos for way less. I had stayed in Abuja for over 19 years trust, me it wasn’t easy moving but I trusted God to take control. So far so good, there has been no regret and I am absolutely enjoying what Lagos has to offer me.

I also decided to update my blog more often which I have been doing. I started reviewing restaurants and more travel locations, got new contributors (Thank you @archfandroid and @azanor :*).

I started my fitfam life while I was in Abuja and i used to do 5k/10k on a steady then I moved and I just didn’t find the time to do it again. Sigh.

You know how you go do a Masters and come back expecting a good paying job that fits into your career path/goal. Well, I came back and I got an offer with a bank but omo the conditions that came with the job was something else. To me it felt like accepting that offer was tying my destiny down for 2 years so I rejected it. After sitting at home for 6 months, I began to regret rejecting the offer. Just when I was losing hope, I got an offer with a Big 4.

I am thankful for the ups and downs of 2015.

2016 (My year of GROWTH)

I want to review lots of restaurants in Lagos, more travel posts. I have lots of things planned for the blog this year. We have the Food/Game Night thingy holding in Abuja soon if you are interested u can mail me (eattechtravel@yahoo.co.uk).

I am a shy person and sometimes it’s hard making new friends and meeting new people. This year, I am going to come out of my shell and meet more people both online and offline and build real relationships. I am a DM away at @mosimi20, we can always bond over food or tech or travel.

I know the career path I want to follow, to be a very good Cybersecurity Specialist but the journey to getting there is a very long and tedious one. I have lots of career goals I want to achieve. Firstly, I want to improve my hacking skills (fear not, I wear the White Hat not a Black Hat). I also want to be great at my job. I know there is so much I need to know and do and also be good at. I am going to spend more time this year improving myself.

I also want to travel a lot more this year both in and out of Nigeria. The plan is to try and see a tourist attraction (if my job permits me). I have got Erin Ijesha and Ikogosi in mind for next month. If you are interested in such, we can plan it together.

I restarted my fitfam life yesterday thanks to the Truppr 5k Run and now I can’t move my hips again (LOL). For someone that used to do 5k/10k on a steady. I need to be consistent in it.


“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”
– Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

Thanks for reading!

P.S: You can subscribe to my blog at eattechtravel.wordpress.com

Whoosh! I really enjoyed this one. Particularly because I can relate so well with almost everything Mosimi’s written. God speed, girl!

Day 23: Ogenna

You guys, it’s a leap year, turn up.

Hi, Ogenna here, I realized just now, I had to go back to look at posts from people before because I have just realized I am not my own person. Not like that but I need a guide to start writing which even if it isn’t bad, is not very wonderful; but I have decided 2016 is the year I make my own decisions without basing them on people’s opinions. Don’t get me wrong, opinions are welcome. They will be considered, but in the end I will make a conscious effort to have my own train of thought.

I have started an online journal to document my day. I’m trying to fill it every day or every 2 days, it’s going good so far. I can’t complain. I am learning to keep to my word, I tend to make offhand promises and fail to fulfill them, I‘m stopping it. I will stop apologizing for what I feel or don’t feel and who I am. I am trying my best and my best might never be enough for some and that’s okay. No harm, no foul. I will stop inconveniencing myself for people, period.

Moving on, this is the year I become old enough to drink in every country in the world, I’m excited about that but the thing is I am quitting; alcohol I mean. I’m happy actually.

I don’t expect much from 2016 because disappointment kills, it cripples me actually, I’m taking every day as it comes, writing it down and praying for a better tomorrow. I came into this year sad actually. I won’t lie, no matter how much I try not to stress myself or over think, I still do. It’s reduced but I battle with depression occasionally. Not occasionally per se, it’s a lot, but I must be happy. I have to be. This world owes me nothing, nothing at all. I think I’m done.

2016 is just starting and I’m going to list out my goals just in case I forget them, I’m going to come back here to read them;

  1. Graduate.
    I will.
  2. Pray, pray, pray, pray again.
    Talk to my father every day I wake.
  3. Read up to 100 new books this year, Write more.
    Reading takes me where I want to be and writing helps put my thoughts in order, I think it’s a sin to ignore your God given talent.
  4. Buy myself stuff because I’m the only person who loves me almost 80%.
    I save and then spend it on things that I can’t see in the near future, it makes me sad when I’m balancing my account and I can’t seem to find what I spent my money on.
  5. Realize relationships aren’t do-or-die affairs.
    I know you should think of the future and if you don’t see yourself marrying the person you’re with, then you shouldn’t even be together but I can’t kill myself, honestly, I’m young, not that young but I am young.
  6. Learn to play the guitar.
    Stand up poetry goes well with chords from a guitar yunnooooo.
  7. Travel more.
    I am not a tree, no matter how tall I am, I will not grow roots and be fixed to the ground, I am going to try new things, see new places.
  8. Learn a language.  A programming language (lol) and an actual extra language.
    I’ve always put off learning a new language because I assumed I was too old (lol, lol, lol), my thought pattern slays me.
  9. Pay attention to people who love me and appreciate them more.
    I realized I have friends who care about me, and I am making an effort to check on them as much as possible.
  10. Lose weight, stay fit.
    I’m not even big so this is me being extra but I just want to be fit.
  11. Face confrontation head on, not every time ignore.
    I hate confrontations; they make me want to bury my face in my palms and cry, but sometimes they are necessary to move forward in life.

11 because I’m extra. 2015 was wonderful, it was full of ups and downs, horrible experiences and beautiful experiences too, 2016 please be nice to me, I mean I’m Sunshine; me sef I’m a human being.

Smile. 2016 might not be the year everything turns out right but it will be full of beautiful experiences and lessons.


I love how Ogenna says she’s not expecting anything from this year and then reels this list of things this yeah must expect from her. Talk about a throwdown yo!

Dusk 22: Oluwadamilola

The Bible says; “hope deferred makes the heart sick.” It’s funny how the Bible is always right. I did not have many dreams when I started 2015; I did not write down or discuss resolutions. In fact, I believe I went into 2015 with the idea that ‘what will be will be’, and so it went. By the time I was half way through 2015, I was in despair and I was yearning for my purpose. I was asking God to awaken me to the point of my entire human existence. I was living with a tremendous amount of fear and trepidation, many things were changing and I felt I was lagging behind. I did not want to live just for the sake of living; I wanted my life and story to have a point. I was asking God not to show me the destination, but instead, to give me the direction and the path I needed to follow. In 2015, I felt lost. 

It was in that melancholy that I started writing again, and started reading again with the voracity I once had. In 2015, I birthed my blog, looking back today, I realise that I actually fulfilled so many dreams in 2015. A Yoruba proverb says; “Bi omode ba dupe ore ana, a ri omiran gba” (when a child shows gratitude for a benefit, he will receive another).  So I put my misery aside and ended 2015 with a grateful heart, as I made a list of all the things to be thankful for in the year gone by. I deferred all other hope into 2016.

Hope for God. There is a vast hole in my heart that only God can fill. I think He put it there, to remind me that He is and has always been the source of my joy. I don’t want to feel far from Him this year. I want to stay as close to His heart as possible.

Hope for friendships. In 2015, I met many people, but in 2016, I want to build real friendships. I realised as 2015 ended that there is a significant amount of superficiality in many friendships, I yearn for a symbiotic relationship built on Christ, love and respect.

Hope for love. In 2015, I learnt that my fear of love was always incorrect. I had often assumed that I’ll never fall, but I realised that was the wrong thing to fear. In 2016, I desire to listen speedily when God says ‘No’ and when He says ‘wait’. I do not want to question the signs I asked Him to show me. I have been obedient on this issue, but I want to obey with immediate alacrity in the future.

Hope for tears. In 2015, I seemed to cry a lot. I seemed to be weary a lot. I desire for that to change. I want to have more tears of joy than of misery in 2016. I hope to focus on the beauty that surrounds me than the storms that overshadow me.

Hope for motherhood. My mother is a great woman, she is always right and has been a mother to so many. In 2016, I want to cherish her more. I thank God for my mum. Today is her birthday; please celebrate her.

When I asked Olatoxic for a chance to write in this year’s #30daysofHope, I had no idea what I wanted to write about. So I chose my mother’s birthday and wished for the best. As I struggled to write, I remembered this poem by Emily Dickinson that describes the meaning of hope;

“Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul,

And sings the tune without the words,

And never stops at all,”

So I cover 2016 in the Blood of Jesus and declare it to be a year of God, hope and realisation of dreams. I pray that God will awaken you to your purpose and enable you to walk toward your destiny, I pray that you will shed only tears of joy in 2016.

Happy New Year!

Day 22: Demisola

This year started on a good note. Very very good note. First couple of days were super awesome. I was in my feels. I felt nothing could stop me.

I’m tired. A consultant asked me today if I was okay because I looked ‘dead’. She asked me to slow it down a bit and all I could think was “Yeah right. Tell me that when you announce in class tomorrow that we are having a test”. I’m actually fatigued. And there’s no public holiday till Easter. My brothers and sisters e be like sey I wan mudd. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
One of my registrar friends told me when this session started that he had been talking with his colleagues and they all went on about how ‘good’ I was. Lol. Me. Good. Chairperson Everlasting Faffers association? Chief Pammist and perpetual crash reader? If you say so o. If you say so. So he made a bet with me. Challenged me to graduate with swag; ‘Best graduating student’. Let me not lie, I laughed my ass off because ‘looooooooool’. But then I thought to myself, “Why the hell not? Yes, you hate med school and everything it stands for, but you’re not even bad at all. All those comments from your patients and lecturers are not just springing  up from nowhere, are they? Very unlikely it happens but would it hurt to try? Even if it’s just one distinction in one random course (which really is more feasible).”  So that’s my number one goal for this year it seems. Only a couple of months to see if my faffing (autocorrect changed that to gagging L.O.L) would get the better of me. (Very likely I have a test tomorrow morning but I’m here eating hindomie and blanket hegg with a lirru bid of spicy asun. First class behavior.)
2. I started a new business last year and boy oh boy… It’s been challenging, but I cannot deny that God that started it with me has great plans. The growth has been shocking. But of course, there’s still room for more.
Please who wants to invest in me?  I have mad plans sugbon eez like a lirru bid of more money is needed. Epp me. Maybe it’s you God is planning to use. Don’t be shy. Please.
(Please visit @case_notes_ on Instagram to see what I do! Custom made phone and laptop cases for all! *cue confetti* )
3. PEPE. Always.
4. If you know me then you know FIT FAM will be somewhere on this list. I’ve never fitfammed but it’s always on my resolution list. This year could be the year of my washboard stomach and toned thighs. Nothing is impossible with God.
5. TRAVEL. Med school has always been the excuse. No more.
6. GOD. CHURCH. I can count how many times I went to church last year. I’m too ashamed to say it sef. For someone whose parents are pastors? Too poor.  There was always an excuse. No fuel. No light. No car. Too far. “Ikeoluwa did you go to church today? Olorun Nikan ni mo fi ko yin o. Alagemo ti bi’mo e tan…“. Heard my mother say that one too many times last year and I’m determined not to have to lie to her everytime she asks this year. So help me God. I’ve been church searching and I might have found one. I’m actually pretty excited.
7. Be. Less. Stubborn. This past year has shown me that the Ekiti blood in me is VERY strong because I no dey gree o. Both of us will die on the line.
8. I was supposed to buy myself a new car last year. Elegushi spender… The money disappeared. This might be the year of the MERCEDES.
9. Throw my mother the best 50th birthday PARTY ever. Aunty Yinka more than deserves it. Ademisola is going to make it happen.
10. Be Happy-er
I had an amazing 2015. I made a conscious effort to be happy last year and it truly can only get better. I have A LOT to be thankful for no doubt, but Oliver Twist…
It’s another year with a lot of hopes… Auto Haven. CaseNotes. Avril. Degree. Mercedes. CommitOrCommot.
2016, wassup, how you doing?

Ademisola is just hilarity with the way she presents her case notes every year. (See what I did there? No?) Her writing gets me eagerly looking forward to her turn on here. But she keeps claiming she’s not a writer. Like being a photographer, business woman and soon-to-be-doctor stops her literary talent from expressing itself. Mscheew.

Day 21: Shade

I promised myself that 2016 will be the year of no drama. Lool. When I said that, I forgot that there are demons here on earth, and not everyone will have sense…… and they will tempt you. Msheew.

Pardon my (lack of) manners. Hehe. My name is Shade and as I was about to start writing this, I gave a conductor N1000 for a N150 fare. Please, it’s not my fault I don’t have change. The conductor actually tapped me and said “Eyys, my friend look here……”

See, it took God and my extra superwoman strength not to lash out at him. I’m a changed woman, you see. The old me would have thoroughly insulted him down to the ancestral spirits that live in his village. But I thank God for Jesus. Amen somebody.

This is how I begin my 2016. Become a more patient person in terms of speech. Serve God more. Be closer to God. Take my self out more. Speaking of which, I went to see a movie a few days ago and they said movie ticket was N1500 *tears* don’t blame me. I haven’t paid for a movie with my money in ages and when I did that yesterday, ‘virtue left me’. But I will not back down. I deserve it! *bites lower lip and cries silently*

I intend to open one more business this year. At least have a space, an office. It has been my dream in forever and it’s going to come through this year. Amen.

Writing this, I’m thinking about all the things I want to achieve and I know I don’t have shigbain, but I absolutely trust that God will come through for me.

I want to take some more trainings this year. The first one I looked at and got really excited, until I peeped the address – ‘Orile Agege’ Ehn? Wait fess. *major side eye to all those who say Festac is far* I think that will have to wait, let me try the other training from YouTube. I kent shout.

I want to do at least 3 trainings this year – The dream is to own a conglomerate and have at least 30 staff by the time I’m 40. And 40 is in less than 7 years *stop trying to guess my age* :p

I should go back to my old choir, or the choir in my new church, or the acting department or photography department. Just do something for God. I’ve been a mere Sunday Sunday meresin for too long. Not good. More than 2 people have asked me “What have you done with your gift?” in the past one week and it strikes a chord each time *sigh*

This year, I’m walking back and walking forward. Big dreams, totally dependent on God and knowing He won’t let me down.


Amen o. Please sha invite us for the 34th birthday bash. Aunty, gimme cake.