Day 1: Lade

I’m trying to write this and I’m wondering who sent me to choose the first day. I guess I am very excited about the new year. I feel like this is going to be an amazing year. The year I slay on all ends and in every way.

In my hopes for 2016 post, I said 2016 would be the year the stars aligned. And, it was great. Yesterday or so, I looked at that post and realised I achieved almost everything I wanted to achieve. I was going to leave out some things I want this year, but I have decided to write out everything I want to achieve and do in 2017 here. So, here I am asking and saying with boldness that God has given me – that he is able to provide beyond what I can ask for or imagine.

I am starting my final year this year. I am very excited about this. My goal for this year is to have straight As and graduate valedictorian. I also want to have papers published in [international] journals, and present a research paper.

I didn’t do too well with saving last year, I want to do a lot better this year. I’m doing ajo, so I think that would help.

I started writing again late last year. I want to write more and write better this year. I want to challenge myself to be better. I want to write at least a hundred stories/poems/articles/essays this year. If I do a one or two 30 day writing challenges, I think it’s possible. I also hope I get the courage to submit these things to publications and I get published.

My friend, Denike, and I kicked off BookBarterNG [properly] last year. My goal for BookBarter this year is to build a strong community of readers and for BookBarter to become profitable. We’re going to have more offline events for sure – we just need to find a semi-permanant place.

I attended Ake Festival for the first time last year, but I only went for the last day. This year, I want to attend the whole festival. Maybe even attend the writing workshops. I also want to travel to at least one state in Nigeria this year. Maybe a road trip.

On the spiritual/faith end, I found a great church last year. This year, I want to take foundation of faith classes, get baptized and become more active in the church. I am going to pray more – for myself and for other people. I am going to talk to God more.

Last year’s TEDxUnilag didn’t go exactly the way I wanted it to. But this year’s own will be awesome. [Plug: We’re looking for organisations and people to partner with to make it happen, please email]. Also, I want to attend a TED event this year.

I started a new job last year and I really love it. My goal with my job is to make a little difference in that area and improve myself.

My fitness goal for 2017 is to run a marathon [with Denike].

My first and only relationship so far ended early last year. For some reason, I’m not too concerned about this part of my life. I don’t have any goals for it. Many of my friends are getting married this year and I am very excited about it.

I want to meet lots of people in 2017. So, I’m going to be doing a monthly or bimonthly pizza [or something] hangout. Probably on Sunday. I don’t know. I tweeted about this last year and people seem to be interested, so let’s see how it goes.

I want to have a banging 21st birthday. I want to be even more carefree. I got a diary for 2017, so I can start journaling. I want to allow myself experience all my emotions fully – cry more, laugh more, and love more. I want to do more for other people. Help in any way that I can. I want to apply for fellowships, enter competitions, win awards, and generally just flourish.

God made me to be big, and I intend to take up my space in 2017. I want to let myself be felt.

Here’s to an amazing 2017. As always, you can send me a DM or an email [] if you want to talk.

A Hopeful 30 Days – The Finale?

Over the last 30 days, 47 people recorded their hopes, dreams, expectations, aspirations, resolutions, goals and targets for 2016 on this blog. It seems like a small thing to string a few words together stating how you hope and pray your year goes but as reports that have fed back over the last four years have shown, it goes a long, long way in setting the (right) pace for the new year. I like to say partaking in this exercise is the first tangible step towards making these dreams a reality and this has rung true for many so far.

But is it enough?

Personally, I find it hard to regularly come back and study my words and make a conscious effort to make them into something concrete. Especially as we get deeper into the year and farther away from the day the words were laid down. This may not be the case for everyone of us, but I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one who goes through this. Life has a way of forcing us to live in the moment and turn our minds from reflecting or projecting.

Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make #30DaysOfHope better, more purposeful and make more of an impact to participants. After all, what would be the point of being a part of this project if you’re simply going to write a few words down and forget about them a few days/weeks/months later? I needed to figure out a way for us to more actively pursue the things we hoped to achieve. And then it struck… We can keep our dreams alive by actively and purposefully revisiting them. Together.

Introducing the #30DaysPurposeful #MidYearReview.

In July, everyone who’s taken part in this year’s exercise gets the opportunity to review their year so far, directly referencing their January entries. This way, we get to give ourselves a reality check by answering the hard questions.

How focused have I been on attaining my goals?
How would I score myself thus far?
How far have I gone to make my dreams a reality?
What plans do I need to improve on?
Do I need to push harder?
Do I need help?
Am I on the right path?
Should I change course a little? Or a lot?
Heck, should I scrap this vision entirely? Maybe defer it?
Which of my targets are now redundant?
What do I need to start on right now if I’m going to get it done this year?

Of course, this is entirely optional but the benefits of participating are self evident. Participants who choose to go through with this admittedly difficult exercise get to retain the same day their January entries were published.

In the spirit of fairness, the #MidyearReview will also be open to folk who were not published here in January. The only requirement is for you to have published your hopes/dreams/goals/targets/aspirations/expectations/resolutions somewhere online (your blog, facebook, tumblr, instagram, twitter, anywhere linkable and accessible really) before the 15th February. This is because you’ll be linking back to it when doing your mid year review. This will be the only requirement for participating 😊

Perhaps you see the benefits of doing this, but you’re a private person. I’d like to encourage you to go ahead. You don’t need olatoxic or this blog to “write down the vision and make it plain”. You don’t even need to publish it anywhere. It could be for your eyes only. Or only the eyes of your most loved one(s). Just be purposeful.

As we bow out of January 2016, I pray for everyone reading this a wholly purposeful and fulfilling 2016. May the winds in your sails blow long and strong. May your journey(s) be most fruitious. Though your smile may wane, may it never fade away. You shall laugh many laughs, deep and true.

As you pursue your dreams, ladies and gentlemen, Godspeed.


Dark 30: Dami

Is it too late to say happy new year? Nah, I don’t think so. So happy new year everyone.

First of all, thank you Olatokunbo for inviting me to feature here, I feel so honoured.
2016, wow!!! I entered the year with a broken leg, on a hospital bed, with mixed feelings of thankfulness , morose, down-in-the-dumpness and a tinge of joy.
Over the past few years, I just found myself slipping from God and evolving into this fearful, faithless, person that lacked the inner joy of truly connecting with the Living God.
But 2016 is going to be different. I’m going to take a lesson from this broken leg and lean on God, depend on Him fully. It’s not going to be easy but there’s going to be an improvement in my relationship with The Lord. To pray without ceasing or fainting, to fast, grow my faith, increase in love and to read my bible. the devil has taken so much advantage of me, it ended with last year. Jesus girl loading…. Hallelujah sombarry?
I’ve been wanting to lose some weight and get fit, and even as I ponder, the dark voice tells me that I can’t, what if I break my leg again or injure something? But after my doctors give me the go ahead, I’m going to lose a lot of this weight.
I hope to pick up my guitar again and strum some.
I’m going to finish housejob and serve my country this year.
I’m going to learn how to make amala, use my oven to grill stuff like chicken, meat, fish. I’m going to be more experimental in the kitchen department.
This year, my eyebrow and gele game are going to be on point.
I’m going to be involved in church a lot, join a department or 2, be faithful, be involved.
I hope to resurrect my blog. Loll, I can already see Rolayo rolling her eyes, but I mean it.
I also hope to be more generous while learning to rely on God for everything I need, desire and want.
I’m going to hang out with my husband more often, I’ve discovered that he’s more involved in my life than I am in his.
I am going to overcome my fear and learn how to suture tissue, viscera, vessels and skin properly, I personally don’t know how a doctor can be scared of sewing people up. I’m also going to learn how to secure any iyalaya IV line with boldness.
I’m going to save N366000 this year.
I’m going to have more fun this year and keep my friends really close this year.
Yeah, one more thing, I’m going to sew all my asoebis from years back this year.
2016 is my year of walking on water, overcoming my fears, being bold and being an ambassador for Christ by God’s grace.
Here’s to 2016, I’m going to walk, run, leap and soar in Jesus name and all steps will be ordered by The Lord.
Peace, love and joy everyone.


I read Dami’s 2015 review and was in awe as to how positive minded she was in spite of a recently broken leg.

Awful glad she’s flying that spirit into 2016. I have no doubts that you shall soar, Dami.

Dusk 30: Valerie

And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.  For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Habakkuk 2; 2-3

I love to plan, to write down my goals, get a vision board, the works. It helps to know (and see) where you are going, so that you know that every step you take only brings you closer to your goals. So that is what I am doing, even here, writing the vision. I love beginnings, so naturally, I love the New year. The First day of the first month.

My Tagline for the year is Lean In.

This means that this is the year that I do anything and everything that interests me, and not just as a passing interest. This is the year that I commit and follow through. I am going to put myself out there. I am going to reach out and take it, whatever it is that I want. It means that I will work hard and I will take chances. I will lean in, in all aspects of my life.

I will trust God completely, and my faith will not falter. I will attend church more, and I will talk to God more. With my friends and people that need me, I will stretch out my hand and help. I will offer prayers, support and services. I will offer my shoulders, and my arms for hugs. I will try to be a beacon of light and hope, and even when it is difficult, I will be kind.

Self development
I will learn and I will grow. Not just in my career, but in my personal interests as well. I will start writing again and I will start my blog (which I have). Please find me here and on I will take every opportunity, and I will work it. I know that I will be tired, but even then, I will make sure that I do my best.

Health and Fitness
This is the year that I get to love myself, my body and food. Food is not the enemy, and neither am I. This is the year that I settle in to this body, seeing as it is the only one I have.

I want to get my finances right this year. I want to tithe on everything. I also want to help those that need help in anyway that I can. I want to lean in and be a person that makes other peoples lives better, like what is being done at, to know that because of me, someone can drink clean water at the very least.

‘Order my steps in your word, dear Lord. Lead me, guide me every day.’

That is what I am asking, that God orders my steps. That every step of the way he leads me to the path that he has created for me.

“While you are working, help me be still.”

This is my prayer, that I trust the process. That I am still while God sorts it. That I continue to believe that there are no insurmountable forces.

I genuinely feel like 2015 was the ground work for the 2016 that God has prepared for me.

“You have to force yourself to place big bets on the future.”

Well, here I am, at the end of January, betting on mine again.

Day 30: Stanley

“They say the goodness in life belongs to those who believe. So, I believe.” – Mos Def (Love, 1999).

I believe…

For the last 10 years, I have always had goals for each year. It doesn’t necessarily mean I achieve them within the time set.  I have spent 3 years achieving a goal I had set to achieve in one year. Some, longer. But I kept writing them down every year. And my planning for goals has gotten better with time.

On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, I woke up and decided it was time to quit my job as a Strategic Marketing Manager with a marketing agency. The next day, I bought a bus ticket for Abuja, and 2 days later, I hit the road.

I would love to do a lot of that this year – take spontaneous trips and travel by road to far locations; sleep in cheap hotels. I am an adventurous person, but sometimes I feel like that part of me is caged. I want to free that guy; starting with exploring places in Nigeria, then Africa.

People often complain about January; it’s a slow month, money isn’t available. But my January has been awesome. I have not lacked in anyway. I have had a few consulting gigs, and even though sometimes I catch myself thinking, “This isn’t enough, I need more money. There are so many bills to take care of,” I ask myself, “what if you didn’t even get this income that just came in at all?” I should be the last person to complain. I am very grateful. 

This year, I have 4 top priority goals. For some reason, all my top goals are around my finances and business/professional career.

  1. Get my investment up to NXXX million
  2. Achieve objectives set for Barows 21
  3. Start a new company, but with me only owning a piece of it
  4. Complete the CIM professional certificate stage and begin the diploma stage. Achieving this would be a step towards becoming a chartered marketer and getting my degree.

I am really happy I have started working on all these goals.

A 9 – 5 is still on the cards, but I am open to strictly working on my personal projects as well.

Two weeks ago, I started working as a Communications Specialist with a non-profit in a volunteer capacity. I want to specialise in integrated marketing communications, so the experience is good. However, I have felt that the role is not challenging enough. We will see how it goes.

From a thought I just had, A Thousand 1000 has come alive. And what gives me the most joy is that it is no longer my idea. I don’t ‘own’ it; it is owned by a group of people who made the vision theirs. I am honored to stand with everyone who is a donor like myself. 

Is this the year, I finally get off sitting on the fence with God and fully commit? I really want it to be. The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few. The least I can do for God is to be one of the labourers and to help with getting more labourers.

2016 is going to be an amazing year. That is my reality. I wish the same for you as well. You just have to believe it, no matter what you see around you, and make that your reality. 

Stanley is John McFarlane… Die Hard! For someone like myself who’s too often living a happy-go-lucky life, it’s pretty impressive how hard Stanley goes at it. The man be grinding yo!

I believe.

Day 30: Lade

You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word. Psalm 119:114

I am usually not a very optimistic person, but I have hopes for this year. I start the year optimistic same as most other people, but a few weeks in, my optimism starts to wane and I’m tired and I believe that 2016 is the year the stars align. One month in the year is almost gone and I’ve still not lost that hope. January has been bumpy, but I’m focusing on God and all the awesome things I have planned.

I got the license to organise TEDxUnilag this year. I’m definitely very excited about that. I hope this turns out to be great.

I’m in my 3rd year in school (but 2nd year in Unilag). I ended Year 2 with a great CGPA. I hope I’m able to maintain it.

For the past few months, I was almost always broke. I hope I get a job soon and that I learn to manage my money better.

I generally don’t hold grudges, but there is this one I’m trying to let go of because I was hurt pretty bad. I read a post about forgiving all wrongs and I hope I can do that this year.

I haven’t gone to church in about two years. Probably more than that. I hope that changes this year. I’m church hopping for now. Until I find where feels good.

BookBarterNG finally kicked off last year. I hope that all the things I want to do around it happen.

I have other hopes and dreams that I won’t share (because: reasons), but I’m very hopeful about this year. Not just for me, but for a lot of people. Good things will happen this year. Happiness will be constant this year. Joy and good news will not depart this year.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. Psalm 46:1-3


Lade has grown in leaps and bounds since I e-met her 6yrs ago. It’s fascinating to see someone/something grow, flounder and flourish before your very eyes and that’s what I pray for Lade… That at the end of this year, she shall look back and be fascinated.

Dusk 29: Fifi

Last year when I wrote about my year, I emphasised over and over how my grandiose plan was taking the year as it comes. That was sort of a horrible plan, why didn’t anyone stop me?

The year had me yo-yoing in different directions. Trying to pick up my life as it scattered like pieces of eight into the wind. A tad dramatic, but true. It wasn’t about achieving things. Things were achieved but at the end of the year I came to the startling realization that I wasn’t someone I wanted to be. Ever felt that? Looking at yourself in the mirror and being enveloped by that ‘this is me but I don’t want to be me’ outer bodyish feeling?

I’m a hazard to myself. Don’t let me get me….

Insert 2016:

Opens blank page.

The whole mantra ‘New Year, New Me’ makes me laugh. I’m not planning on being a new me, I just don’t want to be the me that I was in 2015. Almost like an improved version of myself. I have no plans to throw 2015 Fifi away. With her lessons, regrets, thoughts, achievements, tears, times of understanding. No. In 2015, I took a walk away from God. I grew up a Jesus Baby but Jesus babies get disappointed. Jesus babies get hurt, Jesus babies get disillusioned and start to think they do not want to be Jesus babies anymore. 2015 was that year. 2016 already has God dragging me by the ear.

Oooooh child, things are gonna get easier…..

Last year, I spoke about dreams and aspirations when it came to creating content for TV. This year, I am going to have screen credits on 4 shows on TV. MNET/DSTV/whatchamacallit- I get it so mixed up, my contracts should be cancelled. Anyway, there are 2 TV series co-created by me. 2 series will have my name in writing / production in some capacity. And it is still January.

Flowing from my heart is Gratefulness….

This year, I really want to improve on myself. Making a deliberate decision to get better- as a person, become a decent human being. I’m a pretty awesome human being but there are higher heights and deeper depths.

Here are a couple of things that might help me be a better human.

Learn to direct properly. Shoot a short film. I have postponed this every year for many years because of fear. And the voices in my head that say I have nothing to say. It took 4 TV shows in one year to give me a sense of validation. Wait, I have something to say. I might not be a quack after all. So I will.

Learn a new language. Been looking to get Spanish classes a while now. This is the year.

Learn to ride the bike I’ve had parked in my room since last year. My parents never let me play outside growing up, so no bikes. Ever. What adult does not know how to ride a bike? Tell me I am not alone. Show of hands, please.

Get Fit. Eat healthier. That’s all I am going to say on this cringe worthy topic. Started fitness classes last year but I destroyed all the work I had done in a month. Started again this year. Yoga too. We’ll see.

Buy a Power Bike. Vroom! Vroom!  The voices in my head have fought me over this for too long. They say a girl should not want this. Sometimes, those voices are louder than who you really are. And I know who I really am adores the speed and the freedom being on a bike is going to give. So YES. I am getting a bike. So long, suckers!

Travel. Ghana, Kenya. Thailand. I read Sonia’s blog the day she said she had visited 30 countries before 30 and looked at my barren passport with a sigh. Mba. Before I end up in some man’s house and have to think twice before I travel. We move!

Talking about men- it is part of my itinerary to fall in love. Deliriously. Deliberately. Drool Worthy(ly). I giggle as I type this because I cannot imagine myself in any kind of love with anyone. But come on, dude. Bring it. My heart is ready. I think.

Ineffable Euphoria. Closer to my heart than ever- is my plan for a food bank and a soup kitchen that rotates in the city of Lagos. Since 2013, we have been visiting communities of people who need food stuff and providing goodie bags once a year. I would really love that to grow. Expand into something sustainable and worthwhile. This year, I plan to do something about that. Write some fine barra letters to some FCMGs and see if they would like to participate in the project. It would be great to have stores where people could get food stuff for twenty naira or something. I need to think that through. Ask me again next year. 

That’s the year. Looking at what I have written down makes it feel real and achievable. Write the vision, make it plain. It will find its way to you again. I know I ramble a bit. If you got to the end of this, here’s a thank you and a sorry. 

My status is changing, there’s no more decline. I’m on my way to better days…

Day 29: Eden


When I signed up for this, I had it all written down in my mind. I just needed time to take a pen and scribble it down, but things changed. In fact a lot of things have changed since I signed up; in the midst of trying to decide whether to go ahead  and write not I came on here to read olatoxic’s call about 30 days of hope and these sentences jumped at me…

#30DaysOfHope presents the opportunity… to document all that they want from the new year, that they may reflect upon it as they carry on. They grab the opportunity to speak/write what they desire into being. This is for people who realize the power of the spoken/written word and are willing to unleash it in their favour.

Write down your hopes and dreams, your aspirations and plans, ambitions and projections. Write your fears and challenges, your doubts and concerns, stumbling blocks and hurdles. Write the methods you will use to vanquish them, the paths you will take around them, the amount of time it may take. Write it all down. Write a hundred words. Or a thousand. Or in between. Write elaborately, or haphazardly. Write a story, or an article, or a letter to yourself. Write for the first time or the millionth. Write because you choose to. Write because you must.
Write because 2016 is yours for the taking.

And then when you’re done writing, speak it. Read it out loud. Share it with a friend. Read it to your family. Preach it to your walls. Whisper it to yourself. Speak your hopes and dreams and aspirations and plans and ambitions and projections into reality.
Then take action.

So here are my cluttered hopes, dreams, aspirations… in about 50 words.

God. Prayer addict. Bible lover!

Love! Bae! Wedding Bells!

Travels, hotel rooms, airports, lay overs, tired bones …because dream job.

Good financial year, investments…money cometh!

Healthy eating, Gym runs, new wardrobe … Size 12 loading 

Writing, writing, writing. Deadlines. Articles.

Registrations. Seminars. Workshops.

I am excited. I am also afraid. Here’s to a deliberate 2016!

It’s almost funny how half of this post ended up being words written by me 😄😄😄

If there’s one thing I love about this project, it’s how diverse the writing styles come. And if there’s one thing I love about Eden’s entry, it’s how very specific and deliberate it is about what she hopes to achieve. And to those, I say “Amen”.

Dusk 28: Frances

I tried to review my goals abi hopes for last year on my blog and I just couldn’t do so.

It was a year of surpassed goals… what God did in 2015 couldn’t be boxed into a corner and I simply let gratitude flow as it should.

This year is a year of “Coming up Higher” for me.

“Come Up Higher”.

I kept asking God what He meant.

Well, it’s a “come up higher” in purpose…

Come up higher in Christ Jesus…

Come up higher in God’s glory…

It won’t be without a cost as my path is one that I have realized that few people walk.

I’m not after money, I’m not after a bae, I am not after that 5 figure job… I am after “walking in God’s purposes” for my life and if His purposes involve the fore mentioned things people pursue, then I want all that too.

Funny thing is His purpose actually actually involve these things but His ways work a bit differently from the world, being that you don’t pursue those things, you pursue Him and what He wants for you… then and only then He adds up the rest to and for you.

So this is me simply #ComingUpHigher like you keep saying Lord…

My God-given visions for 2016 are divided into three basic parts…


(1) I want to get into more of the Word this year.

The Word is God and the more I am wrapped closely with the Word, the more I am in Him.

Goal is to atleast finish one book of the new testament every two weeks… (this will be hard because I mostly study my Bible as the Spirit gives me a word each morning…) but in addition to this, I will take a deliberate step to delve into the Word in more than what I have been doing in the years gone by.

(2) It’s a huge goal to pray in the Spirit for at least one hour each day.

I started this last year and it’s just amazing… building up yourself in your most holy faith the Word says…praying according to the will of the Father… the benefits of this are immense.

My preferred time is 3am in the morning each day but I won’t streamline this to that, let’s say this 2016, a set time to war on my knees in tongues is a huge goal to achieve.

(3) Learn to love like God wants me to love.

He keeps calling me to come up higher in this 1Corinthians 13 kind of love and it’s so hard!

But I have realized that quarrels, unforgiveness, etc, are not of God(Love).

So this year I want to walk in love and let love dominate my flesh.

Get to the point where I love the unlovable, forgive the unforgivable and forget the unforgettable.

(4) Sow more seeds…

As the Spirit leads, I want to give more… and this I will do much more so when my cash at hand isn’t enough… that should be the more reason why I should obey and sow.

I hope to spread seeds everywhere as God gives me grace to do so this year.


(1) Stay faithful on the blog.

Last year was amazing on the blog, God just blew me away with people I met, lives that were transformed… the testimonies had me asking if it’s same small me God is using to do this…

This year, Purposeful Monday’s, Online Bible Study, Frances’ Love letters… seminars an discussions on purpose arising from my book… I pray and I am determined to stay faithful with the ministry of writing for Jesus that God has given to me.

(2) And speaking of writing for Jesus…

Last year I had a goal to write a book on NYSC but God surprised me.

First I wrote “Chastity For Men” (which all men and women should totally get. The e-copies are free)

Then He gave me words for my first hard copy book “10 steps to walking in purpose”.

The way the provision for printing, book launch, seminars on walking in purpose being held arising from the book… the way it all happened was like a movie!

This year He has been tugging on me to get on the book on NYSC, it should be out latest March/April as its written out already.

I expect Daddy to blow my mind away with this one too… along with other ideas for books He will make a reality in this year 2016.

(3) Take my work in schools to the next level.

I organize “Awakening youths” seminars in secondary schools where I speak on finding and walking In purpose… basically awakening young girls to the fact that God has a purpose for their lives.

I would be getting a website for it and registering the NGO this year.

I hope to get this done by April this year so work starts In schools as they resume for second term.

If you are interested in volunteering for this… you love impacting lives too, then you can shoot me a mail at

(4) I would also be organizing more seminars/discussions on walking in purpose arising from my book in universities, youth gatherings, etc.

The first of these is planned to be in Unilag, hopefully done in June.

(5) Stay faithful with the single ladies group “the Women at the well” that God has given to me.

We had our first meet last year in Lagos and the discussions, prayers, Bible studies that have sprung up in the group have been amazing.

It’s just surprising that God would take my simple desire to live a satisfied life as a single lady in Him into something this grand.

I believe we’d be moving into a group with bridal showers being thrown, married women becoming mentors and the single ladies… all women filled with and in Jesus, shining His light everywhere..pillars in their workplaces and families.

I pray to be a faithful tool in God’s hands in setting this up…

And oh, we are having our first hangout in Lagos this Saturday January 30th.

We’d be sharing on “wisdom for the not yet married” along with a movie date, watching “War room”, complete with drinks and all.

Talk about a room full of godly women with the Word and prayers, setting up this year on a serious high.

You can email or comment below with your email if you are interested in attending. It’s free. Venue is at VI, Lagos (more details when you mail moi)

#Personal Goals…

(1) Travel Goals…!

Last year I had an amazing time with my #12TripChallenge!

I visited 12 new places in 2015 and it was awesome!

I had a high like no other and till today when I read the chronicles on my blog, I break out in a huge smile.

This year though, I would still be traveling and seeing new places but I sincerely only have a desire to broaden my travels outside Nigeria.

Ghana and Cotonou first to be precise.

The Ghana trip, God has told me it’s a Joseph dream because I also wanna hold seminars in schools there… but also still see tourist sites.

So at the end of 2016, since God can do far beyond what we can ask or think, I expect Him to have worked out trips that are far more than these two I listed… amen!

(2) #FitFam things…

All I will say here is I am now more concerned about getting my eating habits right and making exercise a lifestyle.

Seriously I put on a bit of weight at home at the end of 2015 and I wasn’t that bothered as I knew I would lose it again… what got me worried was that every time I ate “anyhow” I found it difficult to pray and all, energy levels would be down and for all I know 2016 has in store, this isn’t the way to go.

So I wanna get things right that way first… and at the same time, get to my ideal weight of 65kg.

I am taking It slow and steady though.

Currently in a weight loss group that starts on February 1st and plan is to do three sets of 40days, being disciplined and all and then start maintaining from there.

(3) Get GODfident.

I realized after my book came out last year that I had a bit of confidence issues… not trusting what God has put in me… stuttering when I wanted to talk to bookshop owners… sizing up places and saying in my mind that “my book doesn’t belong here”.

All lies from the pit of hell.

I realize that me in me is nothing and me in God or rather God in me is everything.

So this year is gonna be a #going all out with everything God has told me to do.

Shutting fear down with no apologies.

A serious do it afraid no matter how big the what I have to do seems.

Getting that Godfidence that made a fisherman stand in front of crowds and win 3000 souls in one speech!

The reason why Peter did that was simply because he had been with Jesus.

Fear isn’t of God.

He expects me to trust Him and have confidence in what He has put in me and this I will be doing this year.

I am very certain that everything I have written here is just a tip of what God has for me this year.

He always does that… exceeds expectations and flies higher than the visions just so we know that He indeed can do all things!

I know that at the end of 2016 when I read this again, it will be with another awe at God and then simply respecting myself enough to give thanks and not evaluate/review because He has surpassed all the goals again.

And to God, the one who can do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I can ask or think… I commit my goals, visions, dreams, hopes and expectations.

It will be said of me “just when she thought she could thank Him for all He has done, He did it again!”

I wish us all an amazing year ahead.

And oh yes!

You can follow my blog and be inspired to #WalkInPurpose in Christ at

The things Frances has done and is doing are so inspiring… it’s refreshing to see she’s not resting on her oars and she actually plans to do more.

I pray the winds in her sails never stop blowing. Fly, Frances. Fly.

Day 28: Juachi

I chose the 28th because I turn 28 this year.

And I’m not sure how I feel about it.

On one hand, I’m one of those people who really enjoy celebrating my birthday-no big parties but lots of biscuits and ice cream and movies. I really like that I’m getting older. It just bothers me now I guess because I’ve failed recently.

And it’s not one thing either, nope it’s ‘a series of unfortunate events’ since the end of 2015 spilling into 2016 and I think I’ve hit rock bottom now I’m at a low point right now.

So you know, that’s the ‘other hand’ and all.

Odd thing is though I’m not as sad/upset/depressed as I usually am about these things. I mean there’s the occasional crying and asking God questions but all in all I’ve had a really hopeful outlook on everything. Church has been a big help especially getting involved with some amazing people who motivate and encourage me. It’s because of them I began a Bible reading plan this year. My brother got married to an absolute darling last year, my Mum is finally done with school (don’t ask), Sisi is happy with her work, I started painting more often and had my first exhibition last year and reading too. I’ve learnt to look at these ‘small miracles’, keep track of them and recite them when everything feels so bleak.

That said, what do I hope for most this year?

First, I’d like to resume writing again. I’ve been dragging my feet but this month is my month!! *looks at calendar*

Next month is my month!! I have a thousand and one scattered ideas running through my head and would love to get them out very soon.

I’d like to travel this year, within Nigeria. Nothing nationalistic, just I have to be reasonable about what I can afford these next few months plus I really haven’t seen as much of this *insert patriotic, superfluous descriptor* country as I should have.

I really want to learn to play the violin this year. My goal is to be able to play Memory of Fanelia from the Escaflowne OST by the end of the year – I can’t even read music and don’t own a violin. People, pray for me.

I’ve got a few projects in the works and some still in planning stage so I really hope I can work on all of them this year.

Maybe two academic papers too while I’m being all hopeful?

Most of all though, I really want peace this year, to have faith without feeling like someone poured acid on my heart and to learn to make the most of difficult situations without whining as much (let’s just accept I’m going to complain regardless).

So help me God.

Writing. Travel. Violin. Two academic papers. Peace. Faith. Learning. Small fries for a God who’s a very present help in and beyond times of trouble.

God’s got you, Ju.