Day 15: Kofo

Kofo and I went to the same high school. Then the same university (at different times). And then met on facebook, and then again on twitter. Small world, eh? Too small sef, other under-G stories still dey. Like how he literally submitted this 2 minutes before I posted it… Hey, I wasn’t going to ‘cast’ (KC lingo for “snitch on”) you but you went and casted yourself by yourself, so… ¯\_(O͡.̮O͡ )_/¯


First of, I’m sorry I submitted this late. But having Toxic wring his hands in my DMs was hilarious though 😀

Last year was…… interesting. I got my first full time job, started my masters thesis and fell in love again after a long time.

Flash forward to the end of 2012; my supervisor’s a twit, I found out yet again, painfully, that love isn’t enough and my job left me with no social life whatsoever.

End of the year and I was drained. On all fronts. I felt like I was stuck on this plateau of procrastination and unhappiness. Everything just felt bleh.

So I took a decision that 2013 was going to be awesome even if I had to drag it through awesomeness by its hair.

Resolutions are made to be broken. So this year I made goals. And I have someone I’m accountable to because frankly, I am a champion faffer and procrastinator. But I guess to be refined I have to pass through the fire and tins.

So, my goals for the year are…

– To lose weight. Because I’m tired of momsie telling me I’m fat. Honestly parents can be so facking insensitive atimes. Besides having women drool over your abs is always nice

– Finish my thesis. Even if I have to sleep in my supervisor’s office *shudders*

– Get a better job or get a second one. Nothing like too much money

– Do something definite about my love for photography. It sucks when people go “Oh you took that? Nice. What camera do you use?” and I go ( ._.)

– Find myself. Sounds cliché but I feel I can’t give people the best of me if I don’t even know what the best of me is.

I know this year will be energy consuming. I know there will be times that I will feel like just saying “f*** it all” and reverting to the old me. But I just have this conviction that Bros J is watching and He won’t let me falter. Hopefully at the end of the year I’ll be a much better person 😀

*sips Henny + coke while humming Alloyou ALLOYOOOOOOU*

Ohhh just remembered something guys used to sign out with in secondary school. Please don’t judge me, I was young then…

“Always imitated
Never duplicated
Because I’m the Greatest
Haters get faded”

😀 #okbye


#psa I never signed out with such smelly cheese back then in *high school. Kofo, I judge you. -_____-