My Mama’s kids

So, this would be my first ever blog-post. I’ve been nagging me into opening my own blog after being ‘oppressed’ by a little sector of blogosphere of recent…. Shout out to @Ms_Dania, @KevinWithAnL, @CapoeiraPanda, @FreshPrinceVick, @SamanthaSiren, @JCphoenixx, @UberBetty, @MallamSawyerr, @Adm3on, @JibolaL, @ThePervNerd, @NappyHairedPoet, @theToolsman, @RealistXX, y’all inspire me on a daily. *bows low*

Well, it’s Mother’s Day today in the land in which my mother birthed me; It’s also the birthday of my mother’s last two babies, Funto and Tobi, today. The perfect reason to put up a post if you ask me, how much more my first. So this here is “Happy Birthday” to my beautiful brother and sister, born on the same day, only two years apart, “Happy Mother’s Day” to my beautiful mama, the person who’s made the most positive impact on my life, even in her absence, and “Welcome to my world” to the rest of the world. Enjoy…


Fifteen years ago my mama died
Death raised his ugly head in a victory cry
He thot he’d won but the battle had just begun
The fight was handed over to her daughter and three sons.
The legacy goes on…

So just once more
Show me that gap-toothed wonder
Bring it from yonder, for longer
I see it now but it’s frozen in place
Behind a glass pane but stolen away
I’m here, you’re not
You found me, I’m lost
You fought, won the cause and
Walked into the cross
Leaving me behind

I miss you
You’re irreplaceable
Bloated up, shriveled
Yet so graceful, I’m ever grateful
I was almost hateful, had to emulate you
Had to get that shine
You did, so it’s possible
I too can shine, will shine
Whether I rhyme
Or not…
All you had to do was SMILE

And we miss you
Pelumi, Funto and Rachel too
Through us all she knows you
And Tobi sort of into you grew
He loves clothes too, turned out right
Becomes you when he draws all night
I look at us and swell with pride
Four more yous still shining bright
So we cried, we sigh, we’ll grin
Sure we shine, maybe a little dim
We glowed a little under your wing
And now you are the dream
And we will not wake, not even slowly
We will not return to Ikoyi
You left there a long time ago
Back into our hearts in a blaze of glory
And we’re SMILING

Because that is what you’d have us do
Through tears, fears, jeers, blues
Like you, just SMILE it through
And someday SMILE with you

In loving memory of my dear mother
the best ever
Mrs J.F. Aworinde (110453 – 050896)