A Hopeful 30 Days – The Call

For the 4th year in a row, the new year will start on an optimistic note with the annual #30DaysOfHope project and as always, I’m excited about it.

Credit must be given to whom it is due and so here’s a shout out to Efe @hl_blue who’s yearly guest blogging challenge inspired this. Every December on stories.ng, folk reflect over and review the year coming to an end, taking stock of everything as they prepare to take the new year by the horns. Here, all of January, folk are charged to look upon the new calendar year and project unto it everything they hope for.

Some are prayerful, others are skeptical. Some are fearful, others ambitious. Some only have questions, others present themselves the answers. All are hopeful.

#30DaysOfHope presents the opportunity to these folk to document all that they want from the new year, that they may reflect upon it as they carry on. They grab the opportunity to speak/write what they desire into being. This is for people who realise the power of the spoken/written word and are willing to unleash it in their favour.

This is a call. If you are filled with hope for 2016, this is where you may take a few steps of faith by making it plain for all to see. Write down your hopes and dreams, your aspirations and plans, ambitions and projections. Write your fears and challenges, your doubts and concerns, stumbling blocks and hurdles. Write the methods you will use to vanquish them, the paths you will take around them, the amount of time it may take. Write it all down. Write a hundred words. Or a thousand. Or in between. Write elaborately, or haphazardly. Write a story, or an article, or a letter to yourself. Write for the first time or the millionth. Write because you choose to. Write because you must.

Write because 2016 is yours for the taking.

And then when you’re done writing, speak it. Read it out loud. Share it with a friend. Read it to your family. Preach it to your walls. Whisper it to yourself. Speak your hopes and dreams and aspirations and plans and ambitions and projections into reality.

Then take action.

How shall we do this? Daily, two (sometimes, three) people will share the things they are hopeful for in 2016. Please indicate your interest in the comment section below or on twitter by tweeting @olatoxic and what date in the first 30 days of the month of January you would most prefer to be published. I will respond as swiftly as possible, confirm the availability of these dates and/or secure them. Dates will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

So tell me, when would you like to do this?…


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