Day 17: Olumide

Olumide is gifted. Really gifted.


There is a boy.

He’s an average boy. Not tall, not short, not handsome, not ugly, neither completely shy nor anywhere near the heart of the party. Not the most eloquent, but hardly likely to stumble over his words either. He’s just average Joe really.

He likes to write, but he hardly does. He loves to sing, but his skill doesn’t quite match up to what he feels in his head when he croaks. People say he’s a good rapper, but whenever he listens to feels better than anything he does.

He’s unsure. Unsure of just about everything. He’s a mess, basically. He wonders why he feels alone. He wonders why he cares that he feels alone. He wonders if all these hopes and dreams that reverberate constantly within him will ever come to be. He wonders and wonders and wonders.

But it’s 2013. The first thing he thought was, “Oh crap, I’m gonna be writing 13 a lot. That’s a lot of bad luck.”

He hasn’t had a girlfriend in more than two years, and that’s probably not very good. But of course he had an extremely difficult 2012, and made it through. He didn’t have time for a relationship – he would have driven said female to the brink of insanity. There’s no more dad to yell at him over the most infinitesimal issues, and yet he misses even that.

He’s also started his masters. He used to think himself smart. Well, at least on the sunny side of the intellectual divide. His programme has started to expose several weaknesses. He’s scared, scared he won’t complete his programme, even though he so wants to.

He’s tired of his dead end job, but he needs the money. He’s got “expensive tastes”, as his mother constantly complains, so yes, he needs to satisfy them, doesn’t he? He’s got yearnings and things, but not the earnings to satisfy them.

He’s an idiot, a malcontent to be honest. He’s got some of the best friends a person could ever wish for, a mother who dotes on him, and a brother who, even though they don’t spend a lot of time talking, would take a bullet for him. He’s got a gang of females who apparently “love” him, even if he’s beginning to doubt the veracity of a lot of their claims. He’s incredibly talented, even to the point of making people envious. So what does he want in 2013?

Well here’s what I want.

I want to be happy.