20 Facts About Toxic

1. I’ve never done a viral challenge before. 100 days of-, 30 days of-, 7 days of-, cold water challenge, etc. I’ve never been able to stomach riding on band wagons and following trends. Until now.

2. I’m an artist. The expression of creativity is my utmost passion and manifests itself through several media. Mostly visual.

3. I’m an actor. I’ve been in several stage productions and in film and tv, I’ve acted in Campus Queen, Shallow Waters, Edge of Paradise and most recently Gidi Up.

4. I love words. I’m a reader. I’m particularly a sucker for fiction and history. Growing up, I’d read anything at all… Unless it was my school book, then the interest would disappear like salt in boiling water.

5. I’m a writer. I write #ArtStories at thenakedconvos.com and I blog very, very regularly here ( ._.)

6. I used to be a dancer. I’m still very agile, however I appear to have lost all sense of rhythm. I do not know how this happened.

7. I’m an introverted extrovert. I’m a very social person but I value my alone time very much and I can spend many hours in the company of only myself. I’m also fiercely independent.

8. I hate writing on touch-screen devices. I still own a blackberry solely for this reason, primarily because I write lengthy pieces on my phone (such as this one) and buttons just do it for me. In fact, this post is being voice written at the moment (with much finger augmentation though, because not the most accurate). I’m experimenting.

ps That voice thing was a long thing so I had to use my finger more. This happens to be the first time I’m using swype at length on my phone without a screen protector and I’m falling more and more in love with it. I’ve just been giving myself suffer head all this time. Dis tin too sweet. Needless to say, no8 is no longer a fact about me 😝

9. I find correspondence a chore. Replying emails, text and IMs are tedious for me. Necessary evils, all of them. Interestingly enough, I reply tweets fairly promptly and I much prefer making and receiving phone calls.

10. I used to be a very lazy person. I can be very indisciplined. I still procrastinate sometimes. However, I look back sometimes at all the things I’ve done at certain times and I realize I do a lot… but I could actually do more. Much more. So I will.

11. My eyes are terrible. Myopia. Some day, when I can afford it, I shall laser blast them out of terribleness. Ironically, I like the different looks I can achieve by wearing different glasses. I consider them a form of fashion.

12. I have a degree in Fine Arts, with a specialization in sculpture. I’ve never practiced sculpture.

13. I’m a romantic.

14. I don’t watch television. I find video terribly distracting and no matter how crap what is on is, I can stare enthralled like I’m 5yrs old again while time irreversibly passes me by. So I disciplined myself to simply never switch on and walk on by even when I see someone else watching something interesting. After I began living on my own, I didn’t own a tv for years. Now, I’ve owned a tv I’ve never switched on for 9mths.

15. I’m a film and movie buff. Control is key for me when dealing with the video format and I love how I can dedicate a small period of time to a movie and then move on to other things. Youtube too. Much as I love the idea of tv shows, they simply carry on for way too long. The only tv series I’ve allowed myself follow at all (and earnestly too) is Game of Thrones. Because epic epicness!

16. I love travel. I hope to visit a vast number of places on God’s green earth before I’m done with this planet. Amen.

17. I’m that rapper who never followed his passion through. The only bars I’ve ever managed to record were at the behest of other people.

18. I gave up on rap and began to consider poetry and spoken word as more suited to my personality and choices of subject matter. Never really expressed those because I soon began writing fiction and got lost in it. Never too late to try, right?

19. I don’t watch football. I don’t care for it. I’m also not a gamer, even though I enjoy it the few and far between times I indulge. I just can’t afford the time. I never owned a gaming console growing up and now that I can afford one, I’m just not interested. Shrug.

20. I don’t lie very often, even though I’m really good at it. For instance, no1 is a lie. I did the ‘100 questions about me’ challenge 2yrs so… No, I’m not narcissistic.


The Day After 30 Days

Ladies, gentlemen, Nostalgians, The 30 Days of Hope is now… almost over.

No, no, no, it’s not over yet. What? You thought I’d just end it like that? Without having a go at it myself? Naaaaaaaahhh… I’ve got hopes and dreams and expectations too nah. How will it look if I got all these good folk to come share theirs and then just stood back and didn’t show no faith myself? Not cool, that’s how… ( ˘˘̯)

Where do I start? Well, I already pretty much did… Seeing as this year, my mainest goal is to bring my writing into a new dimension. Like many writers, my writing experiences flows, ebbs and stops. I need to move into the same realm of those folk who seem to always be able to just write. Whenever, wherever. And I realise that this takes discipline. And discipline involves taking steps. And this blog is one of such steps. Writing more, on a schedule, is one way of achieving this. Writing through the block and frustration and inspirationlessness is another step to achieve what I aim for and so I’ve decided to post more, much more, going forward. Hey, look who posted every single day of January. *beaming*

Of course, I realize I didn’t do this all on my own but I did manage to edit most, if not every one, of the posts that went up and I wrote an intro for each one too, short as those might have been. So yeah, I managed to write something practically everyday in January.

In addition, I was offering folk an outlet I’ve come to appreciate, same one I’m taking advantage of right now. Sharing a platform. Helping old friends, making new ones. As evidenced by testimonies that have already begun to roll in from people who’ve participated in the project. They’re not mine to share (except of course y’all are offering. Hey, I’m open *hint*), but I’m really glad I was able to be a part of making them come to pass.

Back to writing more and honing this talent into more of a skill, I would like to announce to you, my beautiful nostalgians, that I shall not be posting here so frequently going forward… *crickets* No, I’m not contradicting myself and ,yeah, I expected y’all to cheer really loudly and shii but y’all just can’t seem to see the bigger picture so I’ll just go ahead and paint you one… literally. Well, sorta. Okay, enough with the dramatics. My good friend thetoolsman over at TheNakedConvos has offered, and I have accepted, to move one of my largely under-utilised categories on here over to TNC. Basically, I shall be running a column, Art Stories, on TNC weekly. Art Stories will feature pieces that bring together two or more artforms including the literary, applied, performing and visual arts, one inspired by the other(s). What does this mean for me? Well, I’m a practicing artist, but I’ve left certain skills to go fallow overtime. By running this column, I get to power these back to life, developing them in the process and achieving all-round fulfillment as time goes on. You feeling me? So I’ll be doing much more drawing and illustrating now, also exploring other styles and media as time goes on and y’all get to go on this journey with me. Yay!

The column has already premiered- this last tuesday- and you can expect a post every tuesday going forward at 4pm, naija time (GMT +1). You can read the first piece/story titled JURY based on a drawing I did a while back title AlhajaiPlease hit this to read the post. Leave a comment o ( ._.)

I can tell that some of y’all might begin to wonder, patriotic Nostalgians that you are, whether this doesn’t contradict my earlier stated resolution to post here more often (than I did last year). It doesn’t. I shall write here still, only I might not be writing fiction as much, those shall be going to Art Stories.

That said, now, finally, we can bring 30 Days of Hope to a beautiful close. I’m so thankful for everyone who participated, RTed, commented, encouraged… Y’all are precious. By God’s grace, we shall all continue to see positive fruition from doing this. We shall testify, we shall grow, we shall become better people… because we said and wrote it and because we believe.

A blessed and a purposeful 2013 to you all, my beautiful Nostalgians.